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Tech Question: new case, stupid video card


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I just bought a new case and transferred everything over.


One of the things transferred was an nvidia 8800gtx. For some weird reason, it's not being detected at all. I went to bios and where I could previously go and select PCI-e to make the default graphics device, it now only says pci and onboard. The card is powering but there is no input and I have tried multiple adaptors and monitor cables.


Any ideas? (BTW everything else transferred just fine :worship: )


EDIT: If it helps the original motherboard was from a Dell 530.

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The 8800 needs a power cable, which I plugged into it, and the fan is spinning and the card is humming so I know it's operational or at least getting power. I took out the cmos battery and waited a while and configured the bios again, but the pci express option still doesnt turn up.


Could it be the motherboard pci ex slot itself? If so, how does something like this happen?

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