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(Re)Introducing: Me!


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Good morning all,


Since I'm now all officially registered and stuff, I thought I'd introduce myself, especially since I've undergone a name change. I'm the author/BG fangirl mentioned in this thread as the author of Crumbling Down. I've also got other happy (and not-so-happy) BG fanfic, mostly concentrating on Imoen and the Imoen Romance Mod by Lord M.


I'm a long-time D&Der, as well as a long-time BG fan (ever since my brother gave me copies of his CDs back in prehistoric times), devoured BG:SOA and TOB, and happily installed mods to my little heart's content. However, I haven't played it in probably close to 3-4 years now, due to chaos in real life. After I finish my Master's Thesis (Juneish), I play on going back into D&D (3.5 / Pathfinder) and reinstalling Baldur's Gate. (And some new mods.)


I'm also trying to get back into the habit of writing, and since the only real fanfic I write is Baldur's Gate, inspiration is welcome :)


Or, if there's any American McGee's Alice fans around, I like that one, too, but haven't written anything for it yet.


(I tend to like dark/gritty/realistic fantasy. People who have read my stuff and/or American McGee's Alice probably can tell.)


Speaking of new mods, since I'm a girl who likes girls -- I guess at my age I should say I'm a woman who likes women -- are there any decent lesbian/bisexual female romance mods nowadays beyond Imoen and Chloe?

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Try Sarah. She's a woman who likes women. She's also well writen, in the sense that she doesn't beat you over the head with it. You've probably had too much of that already.


If you're used to the Imoen Romance, you probably will miss out on some of Sarah's subtlety, because she doesn't beat you over the head with her tendencies, but it's worth playing the mod and forming your own opinions.

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Looks like I'll have to check out Sarah then. Subtle doesn't bother me, as long as it's well written (and well voice-acted, if there's a voice). Sadly, BG is still very much a "when I get free time again" thing, which probably means around May/June :)

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