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These screen shots have sparked my curiosity as to how his story unfolds. Seeing as we do not meet Deheriana until chapter 7, I suppose the rest of the game will be his hunt for her?


When I played through BG with him, I always wondered if he would end up finding her, or if she was just an excuse for having him join the party. He never did, of course, but at least he ended up getting himself killed in the final fight by none other than... yes, Tazok. :)


EDIT: I forgot, she was already dead at that point.



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Thank you, Andyr.

@Echon: the pinned thread wuith project outline has a scheme of how the things unfold, though not all possible outcomes. Deheriana is not a given - there are plenty of options, but there are consequences to every choice.


I will be testing the romantic branch for PC tonight - so more screenies are coming :)

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