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Opcode #80 - (Deafness)


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The Deafness spell from Player's Handbook bestows 20% casting failure to the target if the saving throw is failed and it appears to be what this opcode does. My test character cast 18 spells twice. First time five of them failed, second time three of them failed. Parameters are irrelevant.



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In BG2, I gave a character a permanent deafness effect, and casted 20 mage spells. I had 12 failures and 8 successes. I repeated it again, and had 11 failure and 9 successes.

So, I think the BG2 deafness has a 50% failure rate (as it says in the deafness spell description).


Does anyone know if it affects priest/innate spells?

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Guest Guest_Kung Fu Man
#80 and #81 are missing from the PST opcode list, anyone can check them?

I haven't gotten any results with either one as of yet...I can do more testing, however.

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