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Opcodes #109/175/185


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Opcodes #109/175/185

Hold/Hold Creature Type/State: Hold Creature (II)

This applies to the usual game, of course. :)


#109: Simply holds the target

#175: Plays a lighting effect on the target (a yellow fade in), displays the Held icon on the character's portrait and holds the target.

#185: Plays a lighting effect on the target (a yellow fade in) and holds the target.



Common to all three is that you use parameter 1 to target an IDS file and parameter 2 to target a value within that file.


Parameter 1 values:

2: OBJECT.ids

3: GENERAL.ids

4: RACE.ids

5: CLASS.ids


7: GENDER.ids

8: ALIGN.ids


OBJECT.ids -> Nothing (0) defaults to anything.


NI contained the information about the IDS targeting for all three effects.



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Sorry, you are right. I reversed the parameters.



It appears that NI reorders the parameters according to logical layout, so you'd first select the IDS and then the item within that IDS. The proper order can be seen by viewing the parameters in hex.

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I checked this a few days ago, and got the yellow lighting effect, icon and text as described, but the target was never actually held.

Still, I'll presume it's a weird local problem, as if none of these 3 effects hold someone, there is no other way to do it.

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I dont see how any of the targetting info can lead to a the target doing the lighting effect, but not the hold effect.

Still, since everyone else agress with each other, I'll presume I did something dumb, like, the target creature was immune to hold or something.

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