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Teeny tiny mistake in 2.6

Grim Squeaker

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Just got to the "first watch" lovetalk (yay, Amber is now gropable!). Got these lines:


~Excuse me for rambling - what I was getting at was that I have always tried to keep track of special events occurring in the heavens. You know, eclipses and such. I am no astronomer, but by listening to the right people - even if they don't always know you are listening - one can learn a great deal.~


~...anyway, while I was staying in Athkatla, I learned that during <MONTHNAME> there is a good chance of seeing whole hordes of falling stars on clear nights. The astrologer I was listening to also said that events like this are important omens - either good or ill. I do not know how much truth there is to it, but I saw them last night and it was beautiful.~


I think you meant astronomer again on the second line. An astrologer is someone who does horoscopes as opposed to someone who studies the stars.

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Grim, I am going to (politely) disagree - in modern times/RL, yep,


Astronomy = scientific study || Astrology = metaphysical study


but in FR terms, the two terms would be pretty much the same thing. Even a Gondian cleric would look for magical/metaphysical implications of star movements, since the Weave extends everywhere in the known planar divisions of the metaverse, and a tiefling would be much more in tune with astrology than astronomy. I'd let 'em be, and let folks revel in the ambiguity between the two lines ???

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True enough - that makes sense. You might say "I am no policeman, but the policeman i was talking to said..." and it would probably be more correct.


I have been using a different parsing, I think - I always read that as "I am no 'studier of the stars', but the 'star expert' I was listenening to said X..." in the colloquial usage, where informal american would say things like this:


"I am no carpenter, but the woodworker I was working with..."

"I am no singer, but the bard I was working with..."

"I am no gardener, but the horticulturist I was working with..."

"I am no wordsmith, but the author I was listening to said..."



Or, "Me? I ain't no preacher, no way, no how. But that Reverend, he can talk like the Gates of Heaven are slammin' shut on your head."


Heh - it is Graduate School, all over again - next up, we need to discuss english vs american usages of "u", and what the word "existential" *really* means ???


EDIT2: darn it, I need to learn to type faster. You two posted before i even got close to finishing, so now i am all out of order. Bleh!

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I meant astronomer. In a pseudo medieval (+working magic) world astronomer would not have been as cutting edge scientific as we might have gotten used to. If Amber was talking about drawing a birth chart I'd use a astrologer. (Who would be useless guy for her, since her exact birth time is not known.)

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Hey Meira,


first of all thank you for this great mod! I have played it three times now with great joy, and I'm really looking forward to play it again with the ToB content! :thumbsup:


I have found a little mistake in one of the scripts. In M#AR0700.baf there is the block:












One of these lines must be



There is an "n" too much in the name of the creature.


Best wishes,


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One of these lines must be



There is an "n" too much in the name of the creature.


Thanks! I'll have to fix that. However, the tailor does appear despite this mistake.

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