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What would you want to talk to Sand about?

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As for me,I'll wait patiently and hope that one day,my char will be able to pick on Sand,asking him how many charges per day does his rod of wonders have (and enjoying his reaction to stuff like that) :p

OMG! That's just so funny!


I am *so* going to steal that as one of the "get naughty with Sand" flirts. :down:


Over the last 4 years, I've been writing flirts for male NPCs who are some combination of shy, reserved, or sexually inhibited. It will be a welcome change to write some for an NPC who isn't shy, isn't reserved, and who has an open attitude about sexuality. You're probably going to have to push pretty hard if you want to get Sand out of his comfort zone.

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Guest Deedlit
You're probably going to have to push pretty hard if you want to get Sand out of his comfort zone.



So very true!


I still have this idea Sand isn't a womanizer,but he will probably try to answer nonchalantly even to heavy flirting (either with some witty retort or just being aloof),trying not to show the least tiny bit of embarassment,if anything just not to be "looked down upon" ,since he won't ever want to feel "inferior" in any area,even those he may lack experience/lore in :p (obviously this is MY idea,so nothing to take seriously).


Too bad my usual kind of characters take this attitude as a challenge or in the least very intriguing,so pushing hard won't be an issue I think ???

Because it's just oh so funny and pleasing when you finally see a person like that who fails to hide the hint of blushing after yet another pushy comment,or that for once is unable to answer and remains speechless...or even better,when you notice those comments are finally breaking through that thick husk(or maybe I am just a perverted old lady to the bones :down: ).


Now I can't really wait to see what you'll do with the flirt pack!

Since you said it's gonna be a refreshing experience for you as well,I hope this means you got some enthusiasm back,even if only a tiny bit :(


And speaking of being fired up,here's a collection of "going really naughty" puns I came up with (they are probably stupid,but who knows,they could spark some better ideas for you!):





-"You can tame my wild magic zone anytime."


-"So,you can sparkle powerful magic just from the tip of one of your fingers...I am intrigued about what you might be able to do with all the rest."


-"You look tired...have you cast "bigby's grasping hand" once too many times,perhaps?"


-"So...I just thought of a perfect creative use for that grease spell..."


-(faking to sneak a peek in his spellbook) "Evard's black tentacles? I didn't know you were into THAT sort of things..."


-(regarding the scrying on the shards) "So,you can detect stuff...big deal,I can do that too and without even casting a spell" *insert witty retort/ironic comment here,possibly involving what sort of secret art the PC posses that even he doesn't know of/never heard of it* "Indeed,I am confident I can detect all your sensible spots.Although the process doesn't involve any magic,it still requires some concentration and a lot of somatic component/manipulation,though...."


-(talking about disintegrate spell) "I really envy your mastery of the arcane,Sand...the powerful spells you can wield with ease...you are capable of disintegrating things with just a touch...if only I could do that too.At least we would finally get rid of that pesky robe of yours" *answer along the line "what's wrong with my robe"* "That you still/always have it on."



Storyline related (sorta)


-(referring to when Shandra addresses Sand to hold his nose too high up,since he commented on "the possibility of stepping on a piece of local culture" when entering highcliff) "Well then,let's hope your nose it's not the only thing you can keep that high".


-(referring to when Sands says he feels drained/his skills may be dumpened when stepping in the Duskwoods) "If this is your version of <<Not today,I have an headache>>,I must tell you - you'll have to try a lot harder to discourage me" or "Don't be discouraged by a fail or two,it may happen.Just relax and let's keep trying!" (At this point I can see Sand sighing and saying he was talking about his spellcasting...this may be inserted in the actual dialogue that occurs in the Duskwood probably....not sure).


-(after the trial with Torio) "They say diplomacy is an art,and you have to use your tongue like a skillfull painter would a brush.Now,if only you were my canvas,I would love to show you all the tecniques and tricks I know of..." (this would probably occur if the PC defended himself/herself at the trial.The reverse can also be stated,like "Diplomacy is an art yadda yadda.I wish I were your canvas,so you could show me all the trick and tecniques you know of" if it's Sand that defends the PC.I am unsure if a check can be made on whether or not PC wins the trial by himself/herself or aided by Sand,though...)




Well hopefully I haven't been annoying; I am already glad you found the rod pun funny and I would be honored if you used that in your project ???

I apologize in advance for the stupidity of my post and all the eventual mispellings...




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All are noted, but I want to point out that NPC-initiated flirts aren't possible in the NWN2 engine. That doesn't mean that some of those suggestions can't be worked into PC-initiated flirts, though some of that might have to wait a bit.


I should also point out that while Sand isn't bashful or sexually inhibibited, he'll be treating the PC's flirtation with him like a game for most of the story. Give and take, push me, pull you, engaging in a long flirtation with verbal fencing, Sand is going to be going into this with the understanding that it's a mutually entertaining way to pass the time, not necessarily the precursor to finding the love of his life. Domi and I both agreed that disabling the other romances because of a Sand romance would be bad, especially since the romance would be available to PCs of either gender. It has the potential to completely break the Walls, from a code perspective, so it's far better to postpone an epiphany. Depending on what I'm able to do, it's possible that Sand might appear if both Casavir and Bishop or both Elanee and Neeshka are rejected, or that the jealousy he feels after the PC spends the night with one of them might compel him to confess. At that point, he knows it isn't a game anymore.


But once again, we're getting ahead of ourselves. It's flirts first, then romance.

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BG2 Gavin is finally released. I've got three IE mods to update (Kivan, Crossmod Banter Pack, and BG1 Gavin), but I think I'm going to put that off until tomorrow. Let me bask in the feeling of completion for one day.


Today, I install NWN2 on the new computer and get to work on the Sand flirt pack.

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Guest Deedlit

Congratulations on mod completion Berelinde!


First of all,let me just thank you;I am grateful you decided not to drop this project,despite the time constraint and all the work you have...so,from the bottom of my heart,thank you! :D


I'm trying to keep well in mind that this will be just a flirtpack (but awesome nonetheless ??? ),but a girl can dream and it's hard not to get excited at the idea of a Sand romance,IF you ever decide to work on it in the future,of course ???


Expecially with the saucy flirtpack coming out (which I am for sure grateful for) :D


As for the flirting,indeed I just assumed the "shorter" ones would be used as pc-initiated flirts,like the ones with Casavir, Bishop or Gann (the [Flirt with him] option so to speak),while I tried to provide where to attach the longer ones;I am just sorry I can't be more detailed when it comes to that,since my memory is awful and it's some time since I replayed the OC (another playthrough is indeed in order,as soon as I finish the last playthrough I'm doing in DA to try Awakening.... but I will never make it in time for before the flirtpack,ugh ??? )


I totally agree on the fact that Sand wouldn't take the PC seriously if not only later on in the game (probably at the end of ACT II,at the earliest?);maybe I was too influenced by one of my playthrough,where I played an AAsimar (a "good girl with a twist" so to speak)...I remember thinking,after seeing all the various NPC reactions to my char,that Duncan seemed to act more like a big brother to my PC,while Sand looked like the real uncle,you know the old loner one that is witty and ironic and grumpy at times,but then grows affectionate to you despite his grumpiness;it was expecially sweet when he didn't want to betray me at the very end,saying "I have to watch over this little girl here",so I always had the impression that Sand is kinda protective with the PC,maybe feeling like a menthor or a support to him/her (considering the game assumes your PC is somewhat young and Sand,elf or not,has some water under the bridges,so to speak,that is very likely...history with women or not ??? ).


So I always imagined he would at first react in a "oh goodness young people these days" sort of condescending way to PC flirting with him and then,in time,grow to like that sort of banter with him/her as history together grows (and even beause the PC proves himself/herself as a worthy and charismatic person,for good or bad,during the game);admitting deeper feelings may be tricky for him I guess,either because he has a strong sense of duty,and you're still his "task" (in the beginning,as neverwinter collaborator,he is put in charge of assisting you...then,later on,out of friendship,he still follows you as your advisor,so to speak),or just because he is not used to courting a woman...but who knows?All can happen :(


I would totally dig a confession scene that comes out if you refuse both Casavir and Bishop (although seeing Sand having a jelousy fit would be something :p) ;maybe after returning from the wall,you would see Sand,waiting to knock on your bedroom's door,with the excuse of communicating something...then you may invite him inside to talk...and considering the mood of "we've been through so much and tomorrow anything can happen",the PC may take initiative and confess to him first,and/or try to corner him and find out how Sand feels about him/her as well.

For some reason I can't imagine Sand coming with an outright confession (unless,as you said,he has a strong jelousy or emotional fit for some reason);prodding him while he may be in a "weak" state of mind (either out of jelousy or just out of worry),on the other hand,may bring unexpected results...still,it's all up to one's view I guess :down:

So in this scenario,if the PC brings someone else to the bedroom,Sand would probably see it and decide to remain "in his place";or,that his awesome person deserves better (in the end,he is the true "glorious leader",as he sees it :D ).


Then again,don't pay too much attention to my ramblings;I guess my little inner fangirl is just on a sugar rush :p


Can't wait to see the flirtback,keep us informed whenever you have the time to Berelinde,and please be well and dont disappear on us ???


Again,thank you a lot for your kindness and hard work :p

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Guest Deedlit
or just because he is not used to courting a woman...but who knows?All can happen ???



Errr I meant,courting in general,wooing a partner :down:

I know the romance is for both genders,but my brain automatically thinks with a female char,my bad,no harm intended (nor exclusiveness) :p

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Heh. I've got too many mods to support to disappear completely, even if I wanted to.


As for Sand and the Walls, you have to remember that NWN2 isn't like BG2. You can't insert encounters and dialogues wherever the heck you want. Everything has to be tacked onto existing dialogues, so that means that the *only* way to do this would be to let Sand appear after all the others are rejected. If the PC takes one of the others up on the offer, though, that doesn't automatically spell the end of the romance for Sand, though. Domi has already demonstrated that it's possible for an NPC to interject if the PC asks for more time before going to the Meredelain. Casavir interjects with a remark about how he hopes that Bishop's behavior has not soured the PC towards all men. It would be easy enough to follow the same model to allow Sand to voice his jealousy there. If the PC does accept Aldanon's offer, I could have Sand begin his jealousy talk in the Meredelain ruins, just like Casavir's "I'm with you" dialogue. This is probably going to have to wait until I have more time to work on this, though. So it will happen, just not in time for the flirt pack.


Right now, I'm combing through the suggestions that you and others have made and compiling a list of flirts. It's quite extensive.


I, too, am going to have to play through NWN2 again to get ideas for the talks. I haven't played it at all since the full-content flirt pack came out. Truth to tell, I only played it once through before that, when I was collecting points for Casavir dialogues. Call me a lazy modder if you want (go on, it's true), but I don't actually play the games I mod all that often. Since I can't write and play at the same time for obvious reasons, I rely on my testers to tell me what is working and what isn't. After BG2 Gavin was already completely written, coded, and 99% alpha-tested, I played through BG2 just to reassure myself that everything worked. That was the first time I'd actually played through the game in well over 3 years. To this day, I've still never played through the Casavir romance. I'll do that once Sand's flirt pack is in alpha testing. So yeah, there will be a flirt pack available at the end of April, but it might still be a beta.

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Guest Deedlit
This is probably going to have to wait until I have more time to work on this, though. So it will happen, just not in time for the flirt pack.


I know I am extremely annoying,but it just makes me happy that you haven't completely shut off the idea of,MAYBE,just MAYBE,in a long long distant future,possibly developing this flirtpack into a full romance :down: (or am I getting it all wrong ??? ).


I am still pretty excited to see how the flirtpack will be!That will be a nice way to get motivated for another playthrough (and get finally more exact ideas on where to attach dialogues ??? );not to mention it will be an awesome chance to replay Casavir modded romance...unless the flirts with Sand break it?


As for the "not playing games I mod for",I won't call it laziness;I think it's extremely normal that you won't have much time to dedicate to "mere" playing,seeing the workload you have,not to mention real life constraint!


The sad thing is you can't enjoy your awesome work soon enough this way,and see what a wonderful job you're done :p


But,despite the stress and problems,I hope you're having as much fun writing as we are having with playing it :(



Staying tuned!

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Guest Deedlit

Yeah I know,it's crazy how your way of looking at things can change in a bunch of months....but that may even be good at times,expecially for writing.

You get new ideas,or just polish old ones by reading them with a new eye :)


Happened to me at least (not that in my case the result was any better though :laugh: )

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Oh, I'm pleased that I can't remember what I wrote because that means that it isn't obvious. That's kind of the goal. It's been so long since I played that I don't remember what Sand said in the first place, so I had to go back and look for sound tags on the lines. If it has them, then I didn't write it.

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