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What would you want to talk to Sand about?

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I don't remember his Grobnar's exchange either and I had them in the party for the whole game. Hmm.

I can't remeber off hand, but do you need to go to Flaggons in act 2 after recruiting Sand? Though having another bickering match between the two will be reason enough for me. My favorite Sand's dialogue, for sure!

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Guest Deedlit

Ahhhh how long I waited for something Sand-related,thanks for working on it Berelinde!

Hopefully the full-fledged romance is still in your projects as well,it would be reason enough to replay NWN2 again for sure,at least for me ;P


As for suggestions about the possible flirt pack,here's some random ideas,one is bound to be good...maybe.... (I should replay at least once again,to be more exact...but...)....


So here they are,in no particular order:



-This has already been discussed,so just adding my 2 cents on possible scenarios regarding the shard-scrying: one prior to the discovery about having a shard embedded in your heart,when you ask Sand why the first scrying bore no results and he wonders on various possibilities...one of the pc response could be "Maybe you should examine me,too.Should I undress?".Another interjection after discovering the shard in your heart may be about why Sand couldn't sense the shard in you,at which the pc could take his hand to her chest nonchalantly and ask "Well,how is this?Can you sense it now?".I know they are pretty bold flirts,but I always thought that you need to do pretty daring stuff in order to break Sand's composure ;P


-after discovering that Sand was a former dweller of the Hosttower (or anyway that he's from Luskan),you could inquire if he only spent his time dedicating himself to arcane research and such,of course hinting at possible former lovers and affairs.I know you don't like the idea of imposing a past on NPCs,but to this extent we may at least assume that Sand wasn't a womanizer in his past (and even presently *giggles*); at this point the PC may offer to fix his lack of training in that field,proposing herself as a practice partner for flirting ("if you wanna be a well-round scholar,you shouldn't neglect social subjects" or something like that).


-Regarding Torio,the PC may refer to the disdain that Sand clearly shows toward the woman,hinting that maybe "it's covering for something else" and that Sand may be "attracted" to her in some way.I imagine Sand would show horror at the mere thought,or something like that;at this point the PC can either: 1) Ask if he has race preferences (i.e. if he doesn't find torio attractive due to her being human,other than her being a "banshee" :suspect: ) 2) ask what Sand thinks of the PC as a woman then (something along the lines "Dear Heavens,I wouldn't touch that foul-mouthed harpy even if she was the last female being left in the entire universe" "And what about me?" "Oh?" "Would you touch me then?") 3) Ask in general if he ever thinks of women or feels frustrated (in which case PC may offer help *laugh*).


-After finding out the truth on PC's mother (and PC involvment in Shayla's death),PC may talk to Sand about it and try to be comforted by him;in this scenario I'm assuming the PC is quite attached to Daeghun and suffered for his coldness,so finally finding out that she was in some way the cause of it,should be hard for her.I imagine she would go to Sand (which at that point in the story is somewhat a counselor and a friend to the PC,if not more) and after explaining what Daeghun told her,she would say something like "No wonder he's always been cold to me.I'm just a painful reminder.He must hate me a lot.." and Sand would reply something like "Don't be silly girl.If he hated you that much he wouldn't have kept you near";at this point either Sand pats/caress her shoulder,or the PC leans on his chest directly.Maybe this is more suitble for the full romance though,but just tossing ideas as they came :laugh:


-After the trial fight with Lorne,if Sand went to give a potion to the PC prior the battle,PC may inquire Sand about this;PC can either hint to the fact that then Sand "cares" for her safety (to which Sand may retort that it would've been disappointing if PC died after he put so much effort in helping her with the trial/did such an amazing work at the trial he didn't want it to be stained by PC's death),or/and praise him about the quality of his potion,further offering to thank him "properly" for his gift (or give him some kind of "refund" for the materials he used).


-Asking him general weird questions to make him uncomfortable or provoke him,like asking him if it's true that wizards are naked under their robes (if PC is not a wizard),if he ever has strange dreams when he "trances",and so on.


-PC may stop and offer to adjust his collar/robes,conveniently touching him (or,when the relationship goes further,stealing a quick kiss).


-After encountering the dryad,PC may inquire if Sand felt something toward her (meaning if he was attracted to her in some way);if Sand answer is negative,PC may then ask if nothing tempts him,saying she will have to find out personally.This may be used on the succubi as well,in Jerro's Haven :D


- in regards to flattery: this may expecially be used during the investigations,particularly in Ember (Sand's acute sense of observation is already being taken into account by the game itself,but when it comes to flattering him,it's never too much....lol).


-PC may ask Sand to join her for a drink or even a dance (as soon as the bard arrives) when in the CK tavern.


-PC may go/sit next to Sand as he studies something (particularly when in CK's library) and either inquire him about his studies or just disturbing him.


-The love potion is an awesome idea!PC may ask if Sand is able to do love filters too;at this point,she may ask if he could make a strong one that works on elves as well,either taking the "play dumb" course ("Why do you ask?" "No reason/just curious...") or the "blunt" course ("I thought I could test the merchandise directly on you").Really open to various outcomes (maybe depending on influence too?).


-PC may pretend to have gotten some scratch along the way and ask Sand to mix some moisture and apply it to said hurt part (conveniently being something she has to bare or show ??? ).



So far this is what promptly comes to mind...I may add more....if my suggestions haven't been horrible so far ;P


Regarding your former work on Casavir and your comments about it that I read throughout the forums....I just wanted to say,don't get discouraged about people seemingly being less enthusiastic about it,because I'm sure that's not the case;it's just that,as charming as Casavir may be,he has been the ONLY romanceable choice in the OC for long,so people who replay the OC for,say,the fifth time (I,myself,will go for the 8th when you'll release the Sand pack...lol ;P ) will naturally warmly welcome ANY other option (this is not to lessen Domi's work in any way,of course!).This is expecially true when it comes to such a different pair (handsome&bashful older gentleman vs sociopatic&wild younger hunk):even for confrontation sake,change is bound to be more appealing.

The only thing I noticed about Casavir's lines,may be that he seemed a lot more shy than how I pictured him,but this may very well depend on the idea I have on him (i.e. a seasoned man with strong ideals,always struggling between his chivalrous side and his deeper,really passionate side,which made his being paladin much more bearable to me,along with thefact that he wasn't the preaching sort - so as I see it,when he becomes embarassed,it's usually due to this internal struggle more than he being a shy person...this leads to slightly different outcomes here and there,but it's really personal interpretation);aside from personal taste and ideas,I honestly thought that your additions gave much more depth to many parts of the game (expecially when it came to Katriona,I loved that add,it felt so logic and yet so needed!).


This is to say I eagerly await your Sand's pack,and hope that the full-romance add will come shortly after;not because you HAVE TO work on it fast,but just so you know there's strong interest in it (at least from my part *laughs*).


Staying tuned ???

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Guest Deedlit

A grumpy old lady girl can dream ;P


Glad some of my ideas were decent,despite my awful english!


Will write more as (if?) they come (maybe casting a raise dead spell on my brain cells may help...).

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Guest Deedlit

Well,since my slight fever is preventing me from having a proper sleep,I decided to come back to my favourite topic and post something I came up with while thinking on Sand's possible flirts(lucky you...);they are a couple of possible talks,written with a playful,blunt kind of (female) PC in mind.




*upon entering the illefarn temple ruins and probably AFTER having the first talk with Balaur's ghost*


Sand (comments something along the lines of how amazing the archive is and how rare are the scrolls contained there,not to mention well conserved,while examining them carefully...or,well,just getting excited at all the lore contained there)

PC "Well now,it is such a rare sight to see you so enthusiastic about something.Kinda make me wish I was a dusty old scroll myself"

Sand "*raising an eybrow quizzically and looking at PC* And why would you wish for such a thing?"

PC "because it would be me now that you'd be gently caressing with those slender fingers of yours and looking at with glowing,loving eyes.Isn't that reason enough?"

Sand "*scoffs* Didn't they teach you that you shouldn't mock your elders,girl?"

PC "Oh,don't give me that elder talk.Look at you!As excited as a child who just found a jar full of marmelade.You should see your own face right now."

Sand *mutters something and carefully places back the scroll he was handling,trying to regain composure in the process*

PC "Oh,well.Next time I'll be sure to wrap myself up in a thin layer of ancient papyr...and probably nothing else.Maybe THAT would perk your interest again"

Sand "Girl,I hardly doubt you would fail in getting ANYONE'S attention in such attire"

PC "Should I take that as a compliment to my figure?"

Sand "*sigh* Take it as you wish,girl...I swear,sometimes I think that chanthing complex incantations all day would still drain me less than dealing with you"

PC "Don't worry,I'll be sure to treat you really gently from now on.I don't want to exhaust you ahead of time *winks*"

Sand *sighs and shakes head*



*random flirt talk,with no specific moment in mind*


Sand (again commenting about age gap between him and PC - as assumed by the game at least)

PC "Going at that again?What,do you want me to start calling you 'gramps' then?"

Sand "Oh,now,for the love of..."

PC "*seriously thinking on it* I'm not sure I could call you that either.Expecially if we're making love.It would kind of kill the mood,you know...well,that goes for me at least.What about you?"

Sand *tries to say something but then remains speechless,staring at the PC for a couple of seconds*

PC "I'm glad you agree with me *smiles warmly*"

Sand *sigh of frustration*



Of course these are just guidelines up to tweaking,open to the addition of more "gentle" or "shy" retorts,but still,here they are.....either take them in consideration or trash them as utter rubbish,I just hope they will make you all giggle for a second.


If not,I blame fever and my lack of skill in english.Totally not my lack of talent or proper sense of humor.Definitively not that.




....I know,I know. "Next time try HARDER to sleep".

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Two things to keep in mind. The first is that unlike BG2, random flirts aren't possible. The only way to cue a dialogue is to have it play *after* another dialogue. So the talk on entering the Illefarn (can't remember how to spell it) ruins could occur immediately talking to the ghost, but not in some random place.


The other thing is that Sand's romance is going to be available to both male and female PCs. If the PC is female, he's straight, and if the PC is male, he's gay. I don't want to have this be a genderless romance, but I also don't want to have too many talks that require the PC to be one gender or another. So the PC needling Sand about Torio and hinting that there might be a sexual attraction would end up completely different if the PC was male rather than female. In this case, it would make sense, because I don't even want to guess how many players have wondered if there's more to Sand's dislike of Torio than politics, but in general, I'd like to write as few parallel talks as possible.


And again, a reminder. I'm utterly committed, time-wise, to other projects for the next two months, so I won't be starting this until then. At that point, RL will determine the speed with which I can work on it.

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Guest Deedlit

I think the couple of talks I wrote are pretty general and can be used by both genders;the only reason I specified they were written for a female PC is for the "girl" interjection (I remember him calling my PC "girl" or "this little girl here" with a scolding yet kind tone of voice) and,since I never played a male,I have no idea how he usually refers to male PCs... >_<;


As for the rest,I was just tossing ideas around,because I find writing fun and relaxing,despite the lack of talent and good english (on my behalf,I'm not a native speaker ;P) and Sand being one of my two favourite "unofficial" romantic interests (the first remaining Daeghun...ehh what can I say *laughs*);aside from that,if my suggestions can be used or be of any help,that would make me even happier,if and whenever they'll be used (or not) :9


Good luck on your current projects,I'll stay tuned nonetheless :suspect:

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Guest Deedlit

I admit my utter and complete ignorance in the matter of scripting&modding,so I don't know if what I'm about to say makes sense or not: I do know there are gender checks for stuff like "he" and "she",maybe there's a way to set the interjection "girl" as a gender checked word as well,and exchange it with whatever Sand usually calls the male PC,withouth having to do two separate dialogues? (at least in the ones like my samples)


Anyway I guess I should play as male at least once,if not for replaying sake,at least for research *shivers at the tought of having Elanee look at her in that way...or any way,for that matter*


Thanks anyway for your patience Berelinde :suspect:

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Guest Deedlit

Here I am again,leaving some other random ideas just for the records XP


Some class-related:


-As a bard:can be either a talk or a flirt....as a talk,it may probably occur in CK tavern after being nominated knight captain (the PC may say that maybe one one day he/she will compose a ballad on their adventures,saying that he/she will make Sand stand out a lot in it or something like that);as a flirt,the PC may offer to sing a song for Sand,letting him decide which kind of tune he wants to hear (if he says he has no particular one in mind,you may offer to sing him a love song and woo him a little,maybe).This option may be available after a check on perform skill,or just on bard level....entirely up to you :)


-As an arcane spellcaster: after the first "fix" Sands add to the Construct (In CK basement),you may compliment him on his vast knowledge and further offering to exchange lore ("I know a bit of the subject myself"),or proposing to "study under him",maybe as an apprentice,saying it may be interesting for you both.


-As thief: you may pickpocket his reagent bag,which may lead to several kind of reactions...you may even add that you "have still a couple of fun tricks up your sleeve you may show him" more than willingly.


-As cleric or favored soul: in the temple of season,after Casavir asks to be buried there,a talk may occur between PC and Sand,about the "death" subject,which may be explored in many ways(I assume that,being an elf,death is a particularly sensible topic for Sand);PC may say he/she costantly feels watched upon by his/her deity and it's a comforting thought at times,further adding that Sand's presence has the same soothing effect on him/her,too. (this can be probably used even as general talk,but PCs who are divine spellcasters or at least have a deity may add that chunk,I think).




Unrelated to class:



-Ask Sand advice on how to behave with the other love interests,when they start to show...err yes...interest toward the PC (possibly to make him a little jelous in the process);talking about Bishop and Casavir,this may occur after the glade scene or after Torio (if saved) hints at them interested in the PC (she says something along the line "the paladin watches your every move and the ranger tries not to",if I remember well),but I'm not sure if a talk can be attached there somewhere.Anyway it may lead to funny outcomings as well,such as asking Sand how elves court their loved ones (even if you're an elf,you're supposed to be young - so not all-knowleadgeable about your roots - and I doubt Daeghun taught you much about the topic - unfortunately *laughs*).


-Upon entering the "black mist" for the first time in the merdelain (there should be a talk referring to it as well in the game,I think):you may ask Sand if he wants to hold hands,just to make sure "not to get lost";if he replies something along the line "don't be ridiculous",you may then ask if he wants you to hold him even tighter/closer then.


-I know we are talking just about flirts,but it would be nice having a sort of "wall scene" for Sand too;just,I think it would be nice if his scene was in the bedroom to start with,maybe he can come visiting the PC and offering some herb mixture to help him/her sleep some prior to the battle.At that point PC may say he/she doesn't need the mixture,but he/she welcomes Sand company: talking about the road taken so far,it may lead to a nice love scene or confession,depending on taste :p again just tossing ideas...



Well it's just another bunch of random idea,there's probably more to be added (expecially race related,if the PC is outsider...thinking on mephasms and planes talks);I'm still sorry if my writing results difficult to read and I apologize for headaches XP

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While I might not have actual dialogue ideas, I do have some that might give you a bit of inspiration.


Sand always seemed shy to me, and his arrogance was a cover for it. He seems to really like compliments, and takes great care with his appearance so being able to tell him that you think he is attractive would make him a happy elfie. Opportunities to let him know you appreciate his intelligence and his insight would please him too.


Being a true romantic at heart I would love to be able to touch his hair, take his hand or even mess with his little elfie ears. Elves supposedly have sensitive ears, yes?


I can see him being far more demonstrative and affectionate then either Casavir or Bishop, so his reactions to physical contact and declarations of love would be much more open and reciprocated.


I am one of those weirdos that adores Torio (I would love to romance the hells out of her while she's in my keep), so any conversations involving her would be cool. It would be interesting to have him tell us if he knew her during his years in Luskan, or maybe if there was some history between them etc.

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A funny thing you get with Grobnar and Sand is before you accept the true name meeting with that Luskan woman and Sand says in response to something you say "probably in the middle of no where" or something like that and Grobnar says "is there even such a place" and then Sand replies "yes its right between your ears" :)


I don`t know if you can relate it to some kind of flirt but I thought it was great:)

And because I saw you mentioning not seeing so much Grobnar/Sand related stuff I thought I`d mention it.


Maybe you can make a flirt/tease with something about Grobnar because that would really get him going:)

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