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Elemental Resistances & Healing


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As some of you may remember, the Phoenix Guards in Baldur's Gate take negative points of damage when hit by fire, thereby healing themselves. I wanted to do something similar and had a look at their resistances. Fire: 120, Magical Fire: 100, Frost: -50, Magical Frost: -100. Unfortunately, applying these resistances to my character only negated the damage, she was not healed. I was wondering if any of you have made or could make another creatures heal when hit by a certain damage type in a fashion similar to the Phoenix Guards as I cannot make it work.


Something else I noticed is that resistances with negative values work differently. BioWare likely gave the Phoenix Guards negative resistances vs. cold in order to have them suffer increased damage but the damage remains the same. However, a resistance vs. magical damage with a negative value eliminates the damage entirely.


I only tested cold, fire and magical damage.



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