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GTKY, Friendship, Romance?


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I thought the romance with Sarah had started because I was getting some background music which I didn't get in the first few talks. I checked the variables and I have no romanceactive.


I have:

Friendshipactive 1

Pretalk 7

talkfriend 9


but I've gotten what sems to be a romance talk where Sarah pokes me and talks about me being ticklish. I can force talk her an Hug, Wink and Smile at her. If I leave the game sitting around I get a talk about why she became a ranger and then the talkfriend goes to 7 (weird)


Does Sarah have a 3 stage relationship? get to know you (pretalk) frindship, romance?


I do have the Viconia relationship mod installed and I'm wondering if even though its not a romance Sarah's code is recognizing it as one and limiting me to just friendship.


I know I said I'd try not to bother you, Ace, but I want to figure out if I need to restart or change something before I get too far into the game. Sorry.

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Sarah only recognizes the Anomen romance.



But that doesn't mean others such as Tsujatha or Edwin won't shut down though, right? I guess, in other words, who can you romance along with her who is safe for not shutting down? Well, there are so many you probably don't know. I could probably have her and Ajantis but too bad that for now Ajantis and Sarah have no crossmod yet.

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