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Quick question about Happy Patch


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Hi everyone.


I have just realized that the Happy Patch kills Aerie and Haer'Dalis romance. I'm currently playing a game with the Happy Patch installed: can I run the BG2 Tweaks and disable it (and will it affect games already in progress?)


Also, does the romance cheats:


No gender requirements (i.e. Aerie romances females)

No racial requirements (i.e. Anomen will romance a half-orc)

Multiple romances

Start romances for new games in ToB


Also affect the Aerie and Haer'Dalis romance?


Thank you very much.

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The happy patch does indeed prevent the Aerie-Haer'Dalis romance from starting. If you've got a game in progress, it might or might not be too late. I'm not certain what variables are involved.


If you want to us the happy patch anyway, but want the A-HD romance to happen, you're going to have to do some editing, but it's easy enough.


1 Get yourself a decent text editor, like Crimson Editor. It's free, and a very small file, so that probably won't be a hardship.

2 Once that's installed, open it up, go to View and make sure Line Numbers is checked

3 Open the Tweak Pack mod folder and find the sub-folder called lib. Open it up and find the file called happy.tpa

4 Open that up. You'll probably have to select a program to open it, so use Crimson Editor

5 Find lines 45 through 51. Make it look like the following:

  // stop haer'dalis-aerie romance from starting
 /* COPY_EXISTING ~haerdali.bcs~ ~override~
  REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("RomanceConflict","GLOBAL",0)~ ~False()~
 EXTEND_TOP ~haerdali.bcs~ ~BG2_Tweaks/baf/haerdali.baf~ */

6 Save the file

7 Install the mod


You have another option, though, and one that might be a little more satisfying from an RP perspective. It involves installing two more mods, but you don't have to install all the components if you don't want to.


b!tweaks is a hideous little mod that offers several balance-disrupting cheats, but it also offers Bardic Reputation Adjustment, which allows you to modify your reputation downward, thereby keeping all your NPCs happy even when you do good deeds.


The NPC Interaction Expansion Project adds banters to most of the BioWare NPCs, but it has one optional component that isn't listed on the mod page, but is in the mod, and is documented in the readme. That component allows you to talk the NPCs down when they have conflicts, and if you're persuasive enough, allows them to remain in the party without further ado.


I prefer the second, combination option, using Bardic Reputation Adjustment and NPCIEP's Conflict Resolution to keep my party in line rather than relying on a happy patch. It feels like better RP. Plus, it lets you avoid editing a mod file.

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No gender requirements (i.e. Aerie romances females)
I'm not sure if this was fixed or not, but this component can break Anomen's quest for a male PC. If you've got a male PC and you aren't getting Anomen's quest, just open up the console and type in CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("AnomenRomanceActive","GLOBAL",3).


But yeah, it should allow a female PC to romance Aerie.


No racial requirements (i.e. Anomen will romance a half-orc)
As far as I know, yes.


Multiple romances
Again, as far as I know


Start romances for new games in ToB


Also affect the Aerie and Haer'Dalis romance?
Aerie won't romance both the male PC and Haer'Dalis to completion, if that's what you're asking. If you're asking whether the A-HD romance can start in ToB, I don't know.
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I am installing EasyTutu for the first time, and am up to installing BG2 Tweaks v. 9. I am quite impressed with the tremendous effort that has gone into Tutu and the mods for it. Tweaks v. 9 has skipped a lot of content that is non-Tutu.


But then I see this:





This seems rather odd for a Tutu install. I would think Tweaks would skip BG2 content like this (it has skipped a lot of other BG2 specific content). I looked up this component in the Tweaks readme and can't find it, other than a note that it used to be part of the Happy Patch in the past.


I seem to recall an earlier mod in the process (Lost Items?) also had a Happy Patch component, now I am wondering if installing it and then installing Happy Patch from Tweaks has screwed things up somehow, since I would not normally expect Tweaks to ask me about BG2 content for Tutu.

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since I would not normally expect Tweaks to ask me about BG2 content for Tutu.
Well, the BG2 Tweak pack is not excusivelly coded to install only to the Tutu game, so it might have a few things that do not check what game you are currently using... but it will give you an error during the install, if it cannot install the component.

So you can try to install all kinds of things, and if they won't work, the weidu -installer will tell you that it won't, and it won't break your game while it's at it. That is if they are Weidu mods.

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