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Action #194 - ChangeAnimation()


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No igi, this action references creatures. Though those creatures got scripts of the same name.

Now, what is the difference between this one and PolymorphCopy(o:object)

Ok, this one takes only a resref, and that one takes an actor.

Both effects copy animation, scripts?, items?, spells?

It would be quite weird if they copy scripts.


Doppleganger are not supposed to copy spells and scripts, maybe items and definitely animation.


Can ChangeAnimation copy a currently unloaded creature resref?

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AFAIK, ChangeAnimation() and ChangeAnimationNoEffect() replace the current creature with the specified object. They're used everywhere in Baldur's Gate II (Irenicus, Lavok, trolls, etc.), and completely destroy the current object and bring in the new one (sort of like a CreateCreature() + DestroySelf() combo). Both varieties need a creature definition resref.


The Polymorph() actions only do the polymorph stuff (I don't even know what the effect entails, but scripts and dialogues and the script name are all left in-tact, as well as the soundset and probably everything other than stats and maybe items and effects). It's just used to make you look purty, I think. My guess is that the different actions correspond to the different parameters for the polymorph effect (appearance only = animation ID, change into = copy CRE resref, etc.).

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Guest avenger_work

This makes sense.

So, changeanimation creates a new creature in place of the original one.

Now, what happens if a player (or a creature affected by MakeGlobal) executes it.

Will it be expelled from the party (and the game file) ?

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