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New IESDP - 19/09/04


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Hopefully the credits are up-to-date. I think I'll order the name alphabetically in the next update.


And yes, I updated the link to the Community Prefix's :D

I also removed the link to the TBG tutorial site.

And there are updates all over the place too (opcodes, file formats).

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I think I'll order the name alphabetically in the next update.

In my opinion it looks more estethical that way, but then the order of contribution (which is not so important after all) can not be seen. This way, newbies can see for example that e.g. Kensa Ryu contributed earlier then e.g. divide, Andyr or myself :D So a bit historical value...

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I'm posting this everywhere else, I may as well post here, though it is exceedingly pointless to do so. But.. so what :D



Lo folks,

The IESDP has recently been updated (19/09/04), so go read it, and download the new version:


Updates include opcodes and scripting info. Also note that the effects listed on IESDP are now available as downloadable .dat files, direct from the IESDP as well.


On an unrelated note, each member of the GbG series now has a website:

BG1: http://www.mcwrench.com/?path=/ie/mods/gbg/bg1gbg

BG2: http://www.mcwrench.com/?path=/ie/mods/gbg/bg2gbg

IWD1: http://www.mcwrench.com/?path=/ie/mods/gbg/iwd1gbg

BG1Tutu: http://www.mcwrench.com/?path=/ie/mods/gbg/tutugbg

DLTCdemo: http://www.mcwrench.com/?path=/ie/mods/gbg/dltcdgbg


NB. IWD1GbG has recently been bumped to version 2 to fix an installation error.

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