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In BG2, weapons such as Daystar and the Hammer +1/+4 vs Giantkin are handled inconsistently in terms of enchantment level. Daystar is treated as a +2 weapon and can not hurt creatures such as Kangaxx, whereas the Hammer +1/+4 vs Giantkin is treated as a +4 weapon and can hurt Kangaxx. In general, weapons of this nature generally get the higher bonus as the enchantment parameter:

  • Hammer +1/+4 vs Giantkin is +4
  • Daystar +2/+4 vs Evil is +2
  • Bone Club +2/+3 vs Undead is considered +3
  • Root of the Problem +1/+3 vs unnatural is +3
  • Bastard Sword +1/+3 vs shapeshifters is +1
  • Equalizer (+0 to +3 depending on target alignment) is +3

So what we're really looking at is a small tweak that boosts the enchantment level of Daystar and Bastard Sword +1/+3 vs Shapeshifters. This would not change their THAC0 or damage bonuses, only what they can hit.

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