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Spell idea.


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So we already have Tweak Pack components letting us use the casting graphics for the 8 spell schools.


I was playing IWD yesterday and noted a lot of their spell animations are cooler than BGIIs - Dimension Door, for example. It'd probably be pretty simple to extract and import them into BGII.


Actually, Dimension Door was my favourite, but I'm open to any suggestions for other animations to replace.

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Talk to Galatygon about IWD series creature animations. He's managed to port over pretty much all of them to BGII in a way that allows for unlimited animation additions. There is a fair bit of discussion here about his work, and you could also check out his Black Wyrm forum for LC.

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Yeh, I remember that.


To be honest for the Umber Hulk and so on I'd probably just directly copy the files across, though. It'd be simpler, and I'm not sure who'd install that component then want to use the regular Umber Hulk avatar for something else.

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