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Yet Another "Recommend Me Some NPCs" Thread


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Except ever-so-slightly different, since I'm not a Noober to the world of NPC mods :laugh:


Basically, I've already played several NPC mods. I would like to play more, which is where you fantastic folks come in! I'm mainly interested in good/neutral NPCs, preferably with a romance and/or friendship track (female player, female PC) but it isn't an absolute necessity. To give an idea of my tastes in NPCs, here is what I've enjoyed and already plan to try out.


So far, I've played and enjoyed the following:

BG1NPC Project

Gavin BG1


Xan BG2





Planning to play:


Xan/Coran/Ajantis Friendships for BG1

Kivan & Deheriana

Gavin/Ajantis/Amber BG2 (once their respective ToB portions are done because I'm anal about that sort of thing)


As you can see, I've unintentionally stuck to just mods from PPG or G3, so I'd like to broaden my horizons and try some mods from the other sites, as well as ones here or at PPG that I may have overlooked. The only NPCs that I'm not sure are to my tastes would be the Saerileth/Yasraena/Tsujatha group, based on descriptions and my own experience with Yasraena. Any other suggestions would be most welcome! :blush:

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From those not already on your list, I'd recommend Tashia.


Solaufein dialogues are nice if you can put up with the powergaming that sorrounds him.


Finch for Tutu.


Angelo for BG2 is fine too.


DeArnise romance at PPG, but it's also lacking ToB portion at the moment.

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Thanks for the list and suggestions! For the time being, I've settled on trying out the following:


Angelo (romance)

Auren Aseph

Sarah (romance)



Tyris Flare




I'm going to try out a tactic I saw someone else post about, and make different SoA parties with one mod NPC per party, since I noticed that none of these really have crossmod content with each other as of yet. That being said, are there any Bioware NPCs that I should pair with any given mod NPC, whether for banters or conflicts or whatnot? I know Auren & Nalia have a romance together, but otherwise I'm not sure if there are any party setups that I should strive for or avoid. Also, I realized that I may have put this topic in the wrong forum, so feel free to move it if need be :blush:

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