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Looking for proof-reading


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Some time ago I've released mod called "Korgan's Redemption", but it was only in polish. Now I've managed to translate it into english.

I'm looking for someone that can proof-read it, befora releasing english version.

Mod is only series of banters between Mazy and Korgan, and it's for ToB. It's about 15 kb of Text, so it's rather short.

My english isn't very good, so be warned, before you decide to help me.

Please answer in PM, if you want to help me.

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Korgan redemption through Mazzy? I am no help with proof-reading, unfortunately. Just wanted to say: That mod sounds great! :beer: Looking foreward to seeing it with English version (my Polish is not that good. Actually, I guess I forgot the little I knew.)

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Eh... done; PMed you.


Would've been easier if I only had to proof it to *proper* English, and not "Auld Pseudo-Glaswegian" or whatever accent Korgan's supposed to have (also known as "stereotypical dwarvish Common").


Oh, and you still had one line in Polish untranslated in your readme:

Wszelkie problemy z modem proszê zg³aszaæ na forum CoBu w odpowiednim temacie.
I just guessed at it, so if it's roughly similar, you can delete the old Polish line.
Please report all problems with this mod at the CoB forum and we will respond to them.
Though I suppose if it's a mod in English, it should have an English forum to report problems on (I haven't been on CoB - maybe it has an English section.)
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