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BGT + BG1 Unfinished Business


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Install BG1 mods (with BGT compatibility) into the BGT version.
Well, I'll just say that in another form... hopefully you don't mind.


The BG1 mods go to BG1 directory...

The BG2 mods go to BG2 directory...

As the BGT-WeiDU(don't use the ancient BGT) is a BG2 mod, but it required a clean full installation of both games and expansions, and their official patches. So the BG1 game cannot have a mod installed on it when the BGT is installed to the BG2 game.

It follows that the mods made with the compatibility of BGT, are installed to the BG2 directory, always after the BGT installation, and usually quite near it. There are a few good guides that instruct the installation order, but usually the best are the community based tools, in this the BiG World Setup, and it's beta now-a-days.

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