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TuTu tweak requests


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There's two things that I'd like to see in TuTu Tweaks. Of course I can do both of them manually, but doing so always left some aftertaste of cheating, you know :) , while as a part of mod they will be... well, just a part of mod :D


First one is adding Knock spell to some place, available early in the game (I'm hinting on High Hedge).

Second one is xpbonus.2da, which is not so terribly lowered as in vanilla TuTu (1/100 of BG2 bonus it was, IIRC), thus making rather useless picking locks and disarming traps with a thief :rolleyes: Not to mention those miserable 10 xp for learning Magic Missile!!! If it's really necessary to lower bonuses for this actions, may be keep it at 1/10 ratio at least?

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IIRC, BGT toned down the lockpicking bonuses to 1/10 and my multi-class thief still hit level 2 before leaving Candlekeep. I think the bonuses are pretty well-balanced atm, though if there's enough interest I'll code it up.


As for the Knock spell, this is something I'm a bit hesitant to do. The Exotic Items component was mainly to drop in a few items that were not present in BG but available in BG2. Knock is present in BG (though not conveniently early like other spells) and I'm a bit loathe to change the component into a 'it'd be more convenient if...' type of deal. Though keeping with the theme of BG2 into BG, I would be more amenable to something like, say, Find Familiar or Spook.

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There are a lot more spells in BG2 not present in BG than I thought:


SPWI120 Reflected Image

SPWI123 Find Familiar

SPWI125 Spook

SPWI220 Power Word Sleep

SPWI221 Ray of Enfeeblement

SPWI223 Deafness

SPWI224 Gliterdust

SPWI302 Remove Magic

SPWI307 Invisibility 10' Radius

SPWI318 Minor Spell Deflection

SPWI319 Protection from Fire

SPWI320 Protection from Cold

SPWI321 Spell Thrust

SPWI322 Detect Illusion

SPWI324 Hold Undead

SPWI325 Melf's Minute Meteors

SPWI403 Fire Shield (Blue)

SPWI408 Stoneskin

SPWI409 Contagion

SPWI417 Enchanted Weapon

SPWI418 Fire Sheild (Red)

SPWI419 Secret Word

SPWI420 Minor Sequencer

SPWI421 Teleport Field

SPWI423 Spider Spawn

SPWI424 Farsight

SPWI425 Wizard Eye


I haven't included anything above level 4 as there's no way I'm going to add scrolls for them. The scrolls added will mainly be low-level stuff for the most part with perhaps a fourth level scroll or two. Some of these are out automatically, such as Stoneskin, because BG scripts won't be bright enough to check for it and counter. (I'll leave the script re-writing for whomever gets around to writing BG Tutu Tactics first.) Not that the component won't unbalance the game in the player's favor, but that would be too much.

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