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Adding a Profeciency modification to an Item


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Guys, I heard about wonders of DLTCEP and stuff... and since I hate nothing more in modding than item editing I thought I'd ask before I hurt myself...


Is this outdated and does EFFMaker exist anywhere still? Is there a new and shiny way to do add profeciency while equipped to an item?


Step 5. Adding the Grand Master proficiency.

Modifying proficiencies can't be done with IEEP solely, therefor (if you've downloaded everything on the list) we'll use EFFMaker.


Start up EFFMaker and select "Make EFF File", and the editor should appear. As effect type we select "Proficiency Modification". If there are 4 boxes behind the "Prof. Star" and "Prof. Type" caption, hit the "Edit all as one" box. The value for the "Prof. Star" box is quite obvious, 5. The setting for the "Prof. Type" isn't hard either, just search the appropiate value in the "Effect Information Window" (if this isn't displayed, hit the F2 button), for this weapon it'll be Long Sword and thus 90 and fill it in. Set the target to "Self", the first probility box to 0 and the second to 100. Now save the file as LWLSGMPR.eff (change it to your needs, but remember that it can't have more than 8 characters).


Now minimize EFFMaker and go back to IEEP, add another effect to the "Equipping Header" and set it's type to "Use EFF File". Timing Mode is set to "While Equipped", target to "Self", probability to 0 and 100. And now comes the trick, put the filename you saved your eff as in the "Resource Key" box.

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Gah, IEEP. (cues Andyr)


IEEP- the tool of choice in BG1NPC team! :rolleyes: I honestly tryed DLTCEP! I did! It's just that after DL'ing it I had no idea what to do next with it. I know it's a marvel of editing and does everything but baking cookies, it's just... er...


I like the 'walking through' way :D What I am going to strive for is a medium shield which grants ** in sword and shield style. :)

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