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Illasera avatar bug


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I hope this hasn't been rehashed to death... apologies if it has.


While doing my portrait mod I had cause to look at Illasera's .cre file. Her race is elf, but her avatar is human female mage. Is an avatar correction possible for the fixpack or is her race a matter of open debate? There is no real in game dialogue pointing one way or the other.


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FWIW, the FR wiki says she's an elf (though it may have just gotten that from the game). I believe there are a couple other pointers though:


1) She's a multi-class fighter/mage (doesn't have the dual-class flag)

2) She has sylvan chain +2, which says "seldom is this armor [to] be found outside of a wood elf tribe, and rarer still on someone not of elven lineage" (typo in there BTW - edit: actually it sounds better with the "[to] be" just removed).

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I would trust the FR wiki over wikipedia. It doesn't help that:

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. It does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve it by adding citations to reliable sources. [etc. etc.]
It does vaguely mention a Dragon article that might detail the Bhaalspawn. That might be the closest thing to a "canon" resource, but isn't really all that important. The point of a fixpack is to fix problems and inconsistencies in the game, and I believe the game resources indicate she was intended to be an elf based on what I mentioned above. There'd have to be a lot of explaining to prove otherwise (how'd she get multiclassed, sylvan-only armour, etc.).


Could compromise and call her a half-elf ( :p) but she'd still get an elven avatar.


Edit: Actually, I had that article and didn't know it (#288 p. 100 "The Bhaalspawn" by Dave Gaider and James Ohlen). It doesn't mention Illasera's race... the closest it comes to mentioning anything specific is that the Five "were of exotic and varied races"


Then there's string #66306, somethng Melissan says:

"Illasera... left weeks ago and disappeared into the elven forests." Where she came from, no doubt.

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Wikipedia is definitely not my one stop resource for FR lore, though. My point is, either her race needs to change to human or her avatar to elf. It's definitely a bug of some kind, the matter is which kind of bug you think it is. If it's a truly big deal, give players the option to choose one or the other. Personally, I think she's an elf. There are no other elves in the bhaalspawn collective of five unless you count drow. My 2 cents!

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Unless you can get David Gaider to say that she's an elf, we're not going to change her avatar.


It's a high-visibility change with little justification (just go look at our list of race fixes; it's not always a reliable field).


It would be fair to suggest her race be changed, but I don't think it's really necessary at this point. Maybe she's meant to be a stocky elf, or an alien-looking elf because she's half-god.

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Heh, human > elf avatar is not a "high-visibility change." They're pretty similar.


Changing pit fiends to ravagers or abishai to cornugons is highly visible. The former look nothing like the latter. And yet the Fixpack changes them so they do. What's with that? If it came from D0Tweaks as it seems to suggest, I say keep it in D0Tweaks.


I don't think it would be "fair to suggest her race be changed" to human either. She's still an elf in Gaider's Tougher Illasera, though he changed her from a fighter/mage to an archer. And still has a human animation - an oversight no doubt, as she still has the sylvan chain, which as it says, is hardly found on a non-elf. So we have a pretty good idea not only of her race, but also her subrace.


In any case, there's still a typo to fix in #6144 (armor be found > armor found).

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