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You've Got My Vote!

Miss Jade

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Let's hope that Gavin will be a part of BGEE. They ought to contact you and pay you to include him in the new game by default. I think he's the best NPC anyone's ever written.


I'd actually like to continue this in a new topic because I vote for that qoute to be President!

Seriously' date=' Berelinde, you have my vote (Possible petition?) in having the BGEE team hiring you on as a writer! Or at least adding Gavin in as an joinable NPC [because it would be nice for once to actually know that a female, that's[i'] for [/i]females, wrote a romance for the ladies, instead of some A) clueless male B) A male who just didn't care and farted out leftovers for the female romance or C) All of the above].


While I admit that I wasn't able to play all the other romanceable male mods (Cause TOB is still acting like a turd), I feel like Gavin is my favorite and I don't think I ever really expressed why in an open topic. So, here it goes:


I loved Gavin because if you choose to romance him or not, he's still just great to have on the team. He was a Heal-n-kill (which I love). His stats were spot on in me not having to always put him in the back of the team because he was so weak, or me yelling at him "QUIT DRINKIN UP ALL MY POTIONS! AND DEAR WORD! STOP USING UP ALL OUR HEALS!!! WE JUST STARTED THE DUNGEON!!"


What boggles my mind the most is how he was written as a simple, down-to-earth character and yet the amount of intelligence and warmth he gave off because of it.

I loved the fact that he didn't start off feeling like "Hey! I'm a romance for the ladies! Let's romance!". But instead, I felt like he was just my friend and over the course of time, we grew into something more. I also loved how Gavin didn't make me feel like I had to become his 'Yes-gal' in always saying 'Yes, dear! Whatever you say, dear! You're always right, dear. Would you like me to continue to lick your boots, dear?" Just to keep the romance going or else it ends. I felt like my character was allowed to be/express herself while still being in a relationship with him (Which is soooo refreshing!). Never once did I feel crowded, overwhelmed or disrespected while romancing him, nor did I feel like I was being gypped in the *clears throat* 'intimate' part of the relationship.


And most of all, I loved how Gavin just came off as human, not Supermale (which makes me wanna punch someone), in that he never fears no one or nothing, and can do and knows everything.

I loved that Gavin had flaws and fears (But they were never to the point that I wanted to smack him over it and tell him to 'man up').

I was just thinking this over last night, but I think that's another problem I had with Anomen. I couldn't put my finger on it for the longest, and correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I recall I don't remember being able to just pour out my heart and soul to him about my problems. I don't remember having the options of telling him my fears of being a leader, if we'd ever find or kill Irenicus, if we'd be able to save Imoen, if my birth father would ever pull up his pants and keep them up, or for the fact that my half brother tried to kill me and how that really impacted me. But I had to help Anomen with his demons, father, sister, and Palihood with nothing in return. And, for me, that's what made me feel like I was being Anomens' therapist/mother instead of his lover.

I think that's what made Gavin so different; for the fact that not only could he come to you for advice and support (or just a liesure chat), but you could use him as a friend and count on him to give you words of wisdom or encouragement from time to time. So there was a balance, and I think that balance is what made him feel like he was my bestfriend and lover. And that's something I really do cherish and it's what makes me respect him as a mod, and Berelinde as a writer.

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DLC? What like mods you pay for? Uh... it's probably better to let people have it for free.


I'm incredbly flattered by the praise and the thought that somebody would actually be willing to pay for a mod, but in perfect honesty, this thing was never intended to be anything other than what it is. Writing for pleasure is very different from writing for a commercial project, and the sheer volume of stuff that would have to be cut to convert this thing to a saleable commodity would be staggering... and it would probably suck the life out of the mod in the process.


That said, thanks! I'm blushing six shades of crimson over here. :D


No worries, though. They tell us that the game is designed with backward mod compatiblity in mind, so I'm hoping that converting Gavin (and other NPC mods) to run on BGEE will be a quick, painless process. Who knows? If the devs give modders enough advance info, we may even be able to get our mods ready for use as "Day 1 DLC"!

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Yup, but at that point, there's no harm in just leaving it as a mod. Publish what you want, when you want, no pressure. Then again, K'aeloree, you're probably one of the few people who know more than "Uh... yeah... guess we'll find out more in a few months." The rest of us are going to have to wait and see.

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I'd totally support this! I wish they'd include some mod-NPCs to the base game... First of all, why re-invent the wheel? Some NPCs are good to go as they are, no need to rewrite new characters. And also... I wish as many people as possible were able to experience Gavin! Hey, I want the 1000+ post support threads, Deviantart fan clubs and fanfic like those lucky Alistair fangirls! :-D


Besides, Berelinde (and several other modders) deserve some compensation and kudos for their work.

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Miss Jade,

I am in agreement with you on Gavin, Berelinde did a great job making him swwet, suportiave, good in battle & the love talk for BG2 were definatly worth it all. Compared to consieted, yet insecure Anomen, there is no contest Gavin win hands down. Even with his personality quirks, which I find enduring, he is still the better man.

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