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in the game directory of the game in question (i.e. the directory where you installed the mods) there should be a file called weidu.log. It is a simple text file. You can open it with Notepad. You can also right click on it and choose "Open with" and select Notepad. Tho .log is a common file extension that should already be associated with Notepad. you could just try double clicking on it and see if it opens up.

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If it is your first mod that you are installing and it is exiting due to a failure you will not have a weidu.log but you should have a .DEBUG file with the same name as the mod. That too is a simple .txt file which can be opened via Notepad. Post the contents of the .DEBUG file inside the spoiler tag and someone might be able to better assist you.

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*facepalm* type 0 and press ENTER then see what happens


in fact every option/choice that you are offered in any weidu based mod will require you to input either a number or a letter the one to input should be inside [ ] you press the letter/number corresponding to your choice and then press ENTER to continue.

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What is facepalm?

*facepalm* is what I literally did to myself when I read the scenario above that post.


When I type [0] and hit enter it just comes up with the same thing chose your language 0 [English] 1 [polish. i even tried typing [0] [English] I just get the same thing.
this is very odd and I've never encountered it. In fact I just went and ran bg1tweaks, picked 0 and it asked me if wanted to read the readme, said no and went on from there... Can't reproduce your problem.
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In the off-case you have a corrupted download, try downloading and installing it again.


Other things to look for:


Don't install to any */Program Files directory (especially in Windows newer that XP).

Extract BG1 Tweaks to your BG1 game directory.

Make sure the game isn't running when you install BG1 Tweaks.

If you have the bg1tweaks.debug or weidu.log files, don't have them open when you try to install.


I know it sounds stupid to say it, but stranger things have happened...

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Use the application, not the debug file.


Are you typing just the number 0, or are you actually including brackets... [0] ? You're not typing in the letter O are you?


You should only be pushing two keys. Hit 0, then hit enter.

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