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Mod NPCs with/without ToB content?


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Hey all, I'm just curious if there's a magical forum post or list somewhere that details which mod NPCs currently have ToB content and which ones do not? I figured I would ask here first before I start combing through the forums/Read Mes/FAQs/etc. for every single NPC (or at least the ones I'm curious about, which are several). Thanks :)

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Yep. Coran is now a BG2/ToB NPC in his own right, courtesy of Kulyok over at Pocketplane.

Darian has ToB content.

Haer'Dalis now has a romance (SoA only, currently, but ToB is due around Autumn) over at Spellhold.

Tyris also has ToB content.

Valygar also has a short romance track as part of Romantic Encounters.

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