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Baldurs Gate 2 Mage Scroll Scribing

Ishad Nha

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Baldurs Gate 2, SCRL77: Magic Missile Scroll, I could not get the scroll to actually add a spell to the Mage's spellbook. It reported a successful copy of the spell to my Mage's spellbook, the scroll was properly consumed at the end but no spell was actually added to the spellbook. So I checked the relevant ability for the scroll:

Type Learn spell (147) 112 h

Targettype 114 h: Target of learn spell function was changed from TargetPresetTarget (2) to TargetSelf (1)

Unknown 116 h: This was 05 00 00 00, I changed to 01 00 00 00

The last alteration seemed to do the trick, I could scribe the scroll.

To get the correct figure for 116h I looked at Mage scrolls that I knew could be scribed. Then I compared the differences between such scrolls and SCRL77.

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I just tested with scrl1d (clairvoyance). It worked normally (paramater1 = 1) as is. After I changed parameter1 to 0 I was still able to scribe the scroll.


scrl77 as is (target 2, param1 = 5) scribed without issue. This was a straight mage on BG2 w/ ToB installed.

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