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Bugs and typos for v6


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I've written and tested the new encounter, and I'll prepare all three encounters in .tra form shortly for our French translators.

We will also need the .d files for these encounters.

And we would like to know if these encounters are for male, female or both. I guess you will answer me when you send me the .d and .tra files. ;)

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@Graoumf: Sent you the first pair of .tra's, will send you the rest in a day or two(they are much shorter).


@jastey - But we've got to have secrets and intrigue, right? Right? :D Sent you a PM!

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(Since our Russian translators will probably groan at receiving another four hundred lines and I'm Russian, I'll attempt to relieve their burden. Kinda sorta. But my translations are rather flippant, so be warned).

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Prepared&sent the rest of the translation files for our lovely French team, and translated both encounters into Russian myself.


I'm going to wait for the French translation, and then I'll send the files to Cam. Yay!


EDIT: RE - Trademeet Circlet Quest. We've got this situation currently: if our Trademeet Mayor is encounter-eligible, the player gets the "how are you" conversation instead of "hey, I came to return the circlet conversation". However, the player can either

- drop the romantic plot immediately by choosing the bottom reply, talk to Logan again and give him the circlet;

- play through the romantic plot(dinner, nighttime), and then talk to Logan again and give him the circlet.

I will add this info to the readme and will not change the encounter for the time being.

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