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Bugs and typos for v6

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I have a problem with the Anne encounter.

I have spoken to her brother & got the ransom note.

When I read the note, there is an "area Map" button.

However, clicking this button just closes the item screen.

Where is anne?

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For the next version: we have a coding typo in RE_Coran.tra, line 63:

@63 = ~<CHARNAME!> You're not going to... are you?!~ - should be "<CHARNAME>!", naturally, mea culpa.


BWP folks have it it in their fixpack. By the way, folks, all your reports in this forum are really appreciated, too.


And speaking of BWP - does anyone know, are there any other issues we need to know about? I checked BWP mod list, and there are mods with green "R" icons - BG1 NPC, Fixpack, most of my mods, except for Coran NPC(proofread and updated with a Russian translation today, by the way - yay!), which I assume is good, and there are mods with grey "S" icons, including Romantic Encounters. Does "S" mean something bad?


Well, at least it does not mean "sucks", I hope. Although with Romantic Encounters it could go a loooong way...

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For the next version: Minsc. Takes. A Bath. - lovely, very funny, and absolutely innocent. (And coded! Well, d-coded, at least - I'll add the rest.)


(I should really rename it into "To do for v7", or something - a new encounter is neither a bug nor a typo. But if I have more than one thread, I WILL forget things, so).

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Small issue with the Trademeet feud quest with RE installed. Completed other quests first and party was declared the heroes of trademeet. Went back later to do the feud quest and after retrieving the circlet from the tomb, the mayor no longer gives the option for PC to give him the circlet. Only RE content is appearing. It's not game stopping, but thought you should know.

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Yay, a bug report! Thank you, I'll have a look.


Given how we already have two-new encounters-to-be, maybe the next version is not that far away. Maybe I should write another encounter, too, once I stop crying about Quentyn Martell and finally release my quest mod, that is.

So, all of you romantically-inclined-people, please learn coding in .d and come here with some hot stuff. :)

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Fair warning: there might be a new version soon.


We've got two new components, no others seem to be coming(I might add one, though, so there's three), and there's some code by CamDawg for the "Sensible Entrances" we probably need to implement(but you still should install BG2 Tweak pack after Romantic Encounters, it's right and proper and you don't need any additional code).

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I've written and tested the new encounter, and I'll prepare all three encounters in .tra form shortly for our French translators.


Please, remind me if there are any issues present with the mod that are not present in this thread.

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