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Lo folks,

A few issues we need to sort:


+) Should we overwrite files, or should we patch files?


+) Are we intending to be installed on top of other fix-packs (mainly Baldurdash), or are we aiming to become the ultimate fix-pack (we merge everyone else's work into ours), or some other option?



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I think: Patch where possible.


Even if we say 'This is a fixpack, install it first please' some people will not. And although they didn't follow instructions, it will still be nicer to them if we minimise any bugs they get. :)


Plus, it gives more opportunities to see Cam's tp2 wizardry and steal for future notice. :)


As for supplanting, I would suggest we try and consolidate all the fixpacks into this so only one is needed. Although more work, it would eventually be simpler for all concerned IMO.

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Patch. I can't see anything positive to overwriting where there's a choice. Consolidating all fixes sounds good as long as we're not stepping on Kevin Dorner's toes. I would, however, suggest clearly designating fixes as "confirmed by developer as bugs" or, "it bugged me so I fixed it."

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As for patching/overwriting, I mush prefer patching for the same reasons provided ny Andy and Kish. However, overwriting is more practical as not everyone can bang out PATCH_IFs and WHILE loops and REGEXPs. If you can patch something, do it. If not, don't worry about it--though I request that you document exactly what changes, so we could, in theory, convert it to a patch later.


On the question of supplement/supplant, my initial idea was a supplement. However, after some thought I think we should try to make this into a single, comprehensive fixpack because having an install procedure that says 'install fixpack X then Y and then this one is a bit much. Kish is correct in that we should take care to credit folks appropriately and get permissions for use where appropriate.

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