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Imoen's Post-Spellhold Biography


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This may be on the borderline of fix/unfinished business, but here's the code all the same.


This restores a biography that should have been assigned to the post-Spellhold Imoen.cre files.


COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.*\.cre~ ~override~        /* Imoen biography restoration */

  READ_ASCII 0x280 "dv"

  READ_LONG 0x1CC "bio"

  WHILE (("Imoen2" STRING_COMPARE "%dv%" = 0) AND ("%bio%" = 10233)) BEGIN

    WRITE_LONG 0x1cc 2838

    SET "dv" = 0



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Yeah, I think this is more UB-material. Does Imoen's biography changing to that new one make a clear-cut improvement to the game? (No.) Do we know it's actually a bug that her biography doesn't change, instead of being intended?

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I'm not sure it's worse than, "...despite the uncharacteristic that has now made its presence known within her." And neither biography seems terribly applicable for Imoen throughout the game--rather, they both seem to be aimed at just-rescued Imoen.

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