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Does anyone have a copy of "The Elven Pack"?

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I've been away from modding for a couple of years due to training and deployment. As I'm now almost done with my second tour and is looking forward to a bit of a downtime in my unit when getting home, I thought I might as well get on with this project of mine..

Alas, in the mean time I've changed computers and moved to diffenent parts of the country ect. and as a result I have lost ALL my data! So I'm stuck back at square one..


Does anyone have a copy of the mod, so I don't need to start all over again?




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This? http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?topic=7126.0


http://iegmc.shphock...om/racialpacks/ perhaps?


This will be a pain, but there used to be a nice list on one of the teambg resurrected sites. Doesn't look like it was ported to CoM though, so best to ask the archiver himself if all else fails. It was one of the french modders, salomonkane.

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Chiming in here.


I originally set up my fan site for this reason, wanting to aid others in finding lost things. So... wanting to do a little HTML coding, can someone offer a synopsis and images for the Elven Pack. I would be glad to post it to my site. I prefer the images at a fairly high resolution so as to permit for better quality images.


A sample of what I am referring to can be seen here for Elistraee's Song. Someone must have wanted the mod as the page has been viewed in excess of 3,900 times.

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St. Vitruvius has graciously preferred to allow me to host his Elven Pack mod for him. Digging into the files and doing some skullduggery on the Internet we now have a nicely done web page for players to enjoy. It can be viewed and downloaded here and includes a voice pack sample from the mod.


If anyone is aware of lost or no longer on the Internet mods feel free to contact this writer and we'll see about creating a page for them.

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