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[closed] Romantic Encounters for BG1! - Call for contributions


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This thread is outdated.




This is a general call for contributions.

If you have an idea for an encounter, you can always post here. But best if you write it yourself!

So, if you ever toyed with the idea to write an encounter for BG1, here is your chance!

Please note:

  • The player has to have the choice of ending whatever happens to the PC in every dialogue state (plus, no telling the PC what (s)he feels / does).
  • The content of the mod will not include (sexual) violence in any form.
  • Because the question was posed: Homosexual romances welcome.
  • Since this is BG1, there will be a choice to play this teen-rated if the player choses, however detailed the overall encounter was designed, covering any details in a simple fade-to-black.
  • Also, I would like to have non-descriptive details, if that makes any sense: More dialogue, less descriptions. For my own contributions, there are two versions: Description text vs. no-description text. This could look like this: Description text: ~(He starts to undress, his hands trembling.)~ No-description version: ~Oh, <CHARNAME>!... Help me undress, my hands are trembling!...~ If you would like to consider no-description versions, too, it would make me very happy, but I won't decline a contribution if you don't.
  • For crossmod content, there will be variables included: "RE1_npcnameFlirt" for flirting, "RE1_npcnameSex" if the PC gets intimate.
  • Coded contributions only. I am willing to integrate your component into the mod package but don't have time to code the component for you, sorry.
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Calling dibs on the threesome with Silke and Krystin(been thinking of that since yesterday, especially after your mention of BG1).


Not 100% sure I'll do something decent(but decency isn't required, isn't it?), but I'll try to give it a go after vacation.

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@jastey: I started coding a .d, and hit a wall: since the mod is probably going to be available for BGT, which means BG2, which means it'll be installed together with RE(which has variables like RE_BjorninFlirt), it probably needs a different prefix, right? Or use RE1, or use personal prefixes? I can do either, I'd just would like to know which one to use.

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Right, the first encounter(and the longest) is ready. Now I should forget the idea of making that guy an NPC. Fortunately, the naughty mood has passed for now, but I've got other two encounters planned in my mind.

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For variables: Currently, I am using "Flirt" and "Sex" like in RE, but to distinguish, the mod currently has the name "Liaisons and Conquests", so it's Global("C#LC_NPCnameFlirt","GLOBAL",1) and Global("C#LC_NPCnameSex","GLOBAL",1), accordingly. (C# is my prefic, btw. You can use it fpr this mod, but for other projects, please go and register your own.) Since I have all my contributions coded already, I have a cerstain interest we stick to this. In principle, we could change to something like ""RE1_npcnameFlirt", of course, to make it more obvious for modders who want to write crossmod. Opinions?


Kulyok: Wanna see! If you don't mind, we could use the RE workroom for contribution(s)?

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Oh gods, Thalantyr! He be a mighty mage of Bereghost, all right! :D

He might be a bit too old for me, but I'd give the encounter a try. We'll play "a haughty mage and a naughty apprentice"!


I'm prefixing my filenames and my variables with my personal prefix, then, but for crossmod purposes, I am going to use RE1_NPCNameFlirt and RE1_NPCnameSex variables. (I guess RE1_SomethingVariable is okay, but not RE_SomethingVariable for compatibility purposes with BG2 RE).


@jastey: I probably have editing mistakes in the dialogue, but sure, I'll see what I can do. RE Workroom it is. EDIT: maybe a bit later, then - I probably should install BG1+Tutu on the new computer and code this, so it's a normal coded submission.

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Coded submissions are great. I will code it up to make it BGT / Tutu compatible, if you don't want to deal with this. (My encounter are also vanilly BG1 compatible... but I really have to think about whether it's worth the trouble).

Thank you for opening up the RE workroom for this!


RE1_nameFlirt / sex it is, then. I will write it into the first post.

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