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Skald missing thac0 boost fix.


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Report: Skalds not receiving their +1 damage/thac0 bonuses.


Thread: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showtopic=5957


Bug: The spell, SPCL541, only gives a bonus to damage and not thac0.


Solution: Swashbucklers get a bonus to hit and damage, so replace the spell SPCL541 in the Skald CLAB with the appropriate spell from the Swashbuckler one (SPCL141).


This is the .tp2 code:


//Fix Skald's lack of thac0 bonus
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~AP_SPCL541~ ~AP_SPCL141~ //Replaces Skald's +1 damage with Swashbuckler's +1 thac0/damage.


I've put this into S&S too. :)

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FYI, +1 to hit and +1 to THAC0 aren't quite the same thing:


THAC0: an acronym for "To Hit Armor Class 0," the number that a character needs to roll in order to hit a target with AC 0.


To hit roll: the 1d20 roll used to determine if an attack is successful.


In other words THAC0 is the minimum number that the character needs to roll, while to hit is the number that's rolled. +1 THAC0 means he needs to roll one number less, and +1 to hit adds one to the number that's rolled.


The end result is obviously still the same, but they're two different things nonetheless :).

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I dunno, but in this case there isn't a problem, since Skalds and Swashbucklers are supposed to get to hit bonuses and that's exactly what they do get.


It may/may not make any difference in-game, but BG2 does have seperate modifiers for the two. THAC0 is 54, and to hit is 278.

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