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RE for BG2EE: BG2EE-sized portraits


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I would like to update RE for BG2EE, once new Weidu is stable and I get a chance to pick apart one of newly-converted mods in a real BG2EE install to make sure our players won't encounter any issues.


Ideally, I would really like to get BG2EE-sized portraits for our RE NPCs like our lovely red-haired bard, Sheri.

The new size needed

54*84, I think



The mod WILL work for BG2EE without the update, but nice portraits seem nicer, right? So, I will look myself once I'm home, but I feel the real authors or perhaps inquisitive players will get a better chance. Just provide me with a link to a bigger bmp version - I'll cut it myself, if needed.


Thank you!

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Still need the portraits. Folks, if you are Romantic Encounters authors and contributors, and you made the misfortune choice of adding the portraits to your components, please, step forward with larger versions, if you can, or just let me know where the portrait came from, and I'll try to find it and resize it myself.



Weidu note: it's out and about, but we ought to wait for the first bug reports or make sure there're none. And then RE for BG2EE will be ready... IF we get the bigger portraits for it.

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Update: we'll have great BG2EE-sized portraits for Bjornin and Sheri, thanks to the efforts of jastey and cmorgan! Laran's portrait will be still available for BG2/BGT, but off in BG2EE(the encounter itself will work just fine). And the rest of our fifty++ encounters don't have portraits, so everything's accounted for now. Again, thanks very much to all the authors who came to the rescue - you're the best.

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If it's only Laran I could resize it tonight. I am not too thrilled about this because there are 3x19 Portrait-Resizings awaiting me for the Ajantis' portrait alternatives but one more would be no problem. I'll do it eventually and send you the link.

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Wait, you have a larger version of Laran's portrait? Because if you do, that's great!


IF there's only a small one, though, I'm not sure if a pixelated version is better than a black-framed one - but that's for berelinde to decide, naturally.

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Okay, since I got Sheri's portrait from cmorgan, Bjornin's portrait from jastey, and berelinde hasn't changed her mind about hiding Laran's portrait for BG2EE installs, I am going to complete the conversion today or tomorrow.

Dear RE players - does anyone have beta access to BG2EE? If you do, would you mind checking a RE version for BG2EE(I can also share my other mods for BG2EE with you, if you like)? Just check that it installs, and people appear in the game(just check Sheri in Mithrest Inn, Athkatla, Promenade; near the piano). If you can do is, please, post here or shoot me a PM. Otherwise I'll have to bother Kaeloree, and he's got lots of other great mods to convert.

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