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Adding to general.ids


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Namely, I'd like to add Unnatural and Extraplanar values. Can it work? If so, will I have to modify something else besides?
Yes, just patch the file with a weidu's .tp2 -command...
COPY_EXISTING ~general.ids~ ~override~

You then of course should edit in all the creatures that you wish to use that feature ... yes, the 77 and 78 I took from my hat, but you need a number on it for the append to work on the file, so.

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As long as no other mod uses those numbers already.
Would it not be wonderful if we had a mod data base for such things... ? All of the little things. Unfirtunatelly there has never been a community based effort to drive such things in. There has been tries ... but we could make a better one.


Beholders go to the unnatural, mind flayers and also.

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Beholders go to the unnatural, mind flayers and also.

Sorry, Jarno, I didn't notice your post earlier

I used to think that beholders and mind flayers were both from other planes, but by what the Forgotten Realms Wiki says it seems to me you are right, they indeed are rather unnatural than extraplanar

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