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Simple question: I have two creatures: X (summoned) and Y (summoner). How do I make creature Y face creature X using creature X's script?


My problem is the object.


Global("Facemenow", "LOCALS", 0)
ActionOverride(LastSummonerOf(Myself), FaceObject())
SetGlobal("Facemenow", "LOCALS", 1)

Thanks for your suggestions/tips.

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if the creature's script name is unique, you could hardcode it in. In the unlikely event that the locations are known, you could also use coordinates.


edit: scriptname should work just fine, make sure something else is not going awry.

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Okay, I think I understand what's happening.


If I used the console:


then it works.


But the same creature (wtpwish) summoned via Summon Creature (67) cannot be identified as object for some reason. Any advice?


UPDATE: As I experiment further, I noticed something interesting. If I save the game with the summoned creature and then reload, everything works. There must be something that fixes it upon reloading the saved game.

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