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I believe what OP means is that all download buttons on the mod-pages (from the front page) are broken.

See for example Amber: http://www.gibberlings3.net/amber/


Download link is:



But it needs to be:



This goes for every mod on this site. It's well-known, has a huge impact, and is not fixed.

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Im new here (registered today) and I played BG for maybe 2 years ago, now I want to install it with alot of other mods etc.


Maybe you (or someone else) can check my list below and see if there is any mod I dont need of if someone is old or if someone just dond work with some other? Do I need something else (exept the NPC mods) to install?


Bg2 Fix Pack - v9

BGII - ThroneofBhaal Patch 26498 English

BIG World Borkpack v 11

Big World Fix Pack - 14.3

Big World Installpack 14.3.1

Big World Text Pack v 10.1.1 English

Big World TrimPack v 14.0.2


BP Bgt Worldmap v 901



the Bigg Biff

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Please don't tell me we have to adjust the download links at kerzenburg all by hand, again. - On the other hand, it's definitely good to know, so thank you for mentioning this!

Thoose I mentioned above was either "no access to this site" or "you dont have any permission to download".


I have downloaded them now after help from someone named Micbaldur.

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Dakk, the main download section was already fixed for the new schema. But yeah, grrrr and bleh, however we have a thread for that already.


jastey, I'd just wait, Ace knows about the issue and just keeps waiting for someone with ftp access to come along. No idea who that would be (Cam?). It's a simple fix, currently inside an Otiluke's resillient sphere.

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