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Introducing "The Messenger: Rain, Snow, Gloom of Night" [upcoming new content]


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~Miss Maple Willow Aspen

c/- the Blade and Stars Inn

Baldur's Gate

Since first I saw you in your bower, straight and tall, your hair lit to flame by the autumn sun, I have adored you as the daisy loves the dawn.

Our bosky joys might grow sturdy as an oak and sweet as apples. I wear the willow without you. Do not leaf me to pine in barren solitude.

Your Devoted Admirer,

Woodrow duBois~

Remember that letter to Miriamne of Beregost that you find on a dead halfling messenger? Well, there's more where that came from: Letters of love, affection, courtship, and possibly a mail-order coupon. There'll be a lot of funny, but also some bitter-sweet - it's a dangerous part of the world, after all.

Not rain, nor snow, nor heat, nor gloom of night, shall stay these messengers in their duty...

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I can't stop giggling if I read this letter to Miss Maple Willow Aspen. Does the PC get extra XP if he actually delivers this one? :p


Looking foreward to the other letters. There are so many fed-ex quests in the game ("bring me my boots" - "Bring me my wine" - "Bring me my girdle/cloak/whatever...") But bringing messages is far more exiting, because the recipients don't know what is in there - even if they expected a letter, there is still a moment of surprise.

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