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Is it possible to play scs in multiplayer?


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Yes, I've done this already (passed the files with ssh and cp since it was from a computer to the other one with a firend) but it's recommended that only of you creates the install and then puts dialog.tlk (and dialogF.tlk if your language uses that one too) and all the contents of /override/ on a zip and puts it somewhere like Dropbox so the other one can access it, otherwise, invalid/weird str-refs might arise. Maybe this is not needed at all and my info is outdated, but at least I believe this happens (and it's recommended if you plan on using more mods, too).

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What CrevDaak says is true... I myself would just copy paste the whole game folder from a computer to another, and if the install folder structure got changed, then you just need to change the baldur.ini file's [Alias] -paths... and always start the game from the BGMain.exe in the case of the game being the regular BG2 at least.

The reason why it's better to do this via copying and not via two installs that are same is that mods randomize stuff, the SCS has actually a special .ini file option that allows you to stop that, it's found in the stratagems-v30.exe\stratagems/stratagems.ini -file and it's called the "God_Does_Not_Play_Dice 0", and if you set to 1 on both computers, the random seeds get a preset default values on both installs and the the two installs will be clones. BUT this is only for the SCS's randomization, so if the SCS is the only mod you install. If there's another mod that randomizes stuff, then you need to use the copy-paste method.

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