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(Steam version) "not a game directory"

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BG2EE tweak install.




"Install in your Infinity Engine Folder"


Which directory should I be installing this into?



pretty sure it's C:\program files(86)/steam/steamapps/common/bg2ee

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cannot find the folder you are talking about. where do I look for one, however, there is a BG2 and IWD install. will this also affect BG1?

Well, if you do not install the mod into the BG1 directory, then it won't effect it.

Also what you should do, as you have the second worst OS in the world, is, install the game to the C:\Users\<username>\BGIIEE folder as then you can actually install mods and have them effect the game files, as in anywhere else, they won't cause the files are not actually in the folder, because the OS is an %&¤# idiot, trying to protect the program form the user, as in, YOU.

Yes, the <username> -folder is the folder which is named according to the user profile you log into the computer/OS.

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On a related question, can you dual-class from a fighter to a pally?

No. You could make a mod that would allow such an action... but it won't be a dual, but a replacement. And it will be harder than you think.
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