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Looking for Planescape: Torment testers


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Since the last release a month ago, a lot of work went into pst compatibility. As far as I know, it can now be finished with gemrb! So we're looking for testers to find any last blocking issues or rarer scripting/dialog bugs. Chiv made a nice wiki page with the details, but since many things changed, a new playthrough is needed:




- think of it as story-mode, since some gameplay elements are still wonky or missing

- http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=pst_bugs

- that link and our general todo cover a lot of stuff, so no need to report duplicates

- I'm not interested in minutiae, but if you're the type to notice them and can verify the difference in the original, go for it — it will come handy some other time


It'd be best if you could come to our irc channel when having problems, but noting stuff here is also fine.


As always, recent builds are in the Buildbot Binaries folder:



Testing of other games is also welcome, of course, as always, as some changes were not game-specific.


Thanks and enjoy the g3 revival!

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Stuff like Fell's store ( :rant: ):

Doesn't that work by setting the dword on the Item for sale's 0x1c offset to the strref containing the trigger (yes, string-based triggers. I'm not even joking)? http://gemrb.org/iesdp/file_formats/ie_formats/sto_v1.1.htm#storv1_1_Sale


I would love to go through Ps:T again but I don't have the time :(


- think of it as story-mode, since some gameplay elements are still wonky or missing

Gameplay in the original was bad anyway =P
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Nice, you're right. Even DLTCEP shows them. :)


edit: oh, we even support this already, there's just a glitch somewhere, so Razor angel ink tattoo shows up too early.

edi2: eh, that item has an extra space in the trigger string, so it was only that ... :)

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Since this post, I did a play through of the game in GemRB start to finish (for the sake of honesty though, I did kill the vast majority of things with cheat keys to save myself a few real world days of boring combat). Using the development branch, it is very near possible to complete the game, only at the very end do things start to break down. Trying to avoid spoilers, but I got as far as just before the point before you return to Sigil to get to the very last stage. The problem was a certain character was not killable. But the other 89% of the game was largely doable. Once the remaining unknowns/bugs with scripting are resolved, you will be able to start and finish a game of Torment in GemRB.


There is still a lot of work to do, but that is a huge milestone, and I think you all deserve mega congratulations for getting it to work this well.


In summary, here is a list of the greatest annoyances left:


*Spells are really going to need a lot of work, because they took a completely different direction to the bg/iwd series

*A lot of character/cutscene sounds are not there and music cues don't work as intended

*Some creatures have garbled palettes and lots of animation sequences are not implemented

*A certain Maze needs to be implemented properly...


So that is still a lot of work, but the end is edging closer and closer... I think the fact that I can digest it into 4 bullet points says something in itself. I will try my hardest to diagnose or resolve any of the remaining problems myself to help you guys out, and I will keep chipping away at the little annoyances until they can't annoy anyone else anymore.

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These are my last two saves.


However, since I posted this, I can't seem to reproduce the problem I had before in 'Deferred Destiny', so it could be a waste of time looking at it.


In 'Stalling Spectre' though, I am left in a non responsive cutscene mode every time.


I should be honest and say that anything after that final save I have hardly tested, I only concluded the game with one ending by 'jump starting' with one of my saves from Torment.exe


I don't see the final level of the game being that hard to test mind, just that I haven't in earnest tested it with GemRB because I couldn't reach it with GemRB, because of this one cutscene issue.

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The location function shows your party at [Python]: ar0901 [453.204]

In Near Infinity look for AR0901 in the list of ARE files. Your cutscene can be ended by a command in the Gem console: EndCutSceneMode()

Access the Console by pressing Control + Space

If the cutscene is needed to move the party elsewhere, this approach won't work. If not, you are rid of the frozen cutscene. A cutscene is a BCS script.


Can't find the help docs for the Gem console?!

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Now I have PS:T up and running. I will try that cutscene.


In 'Stalling Spectre', EndCutSceneMode() does work to end the freeze. When you close the Console, movement is normal. So you can test one dialog option after another. However, the situation is unchanged...
Console reports: [GameControl]: Position: ar1203 [718.828]
Look at the dialog and see what might be wrong, DDeions.dlg?

The actions of the cutscenes can also be effected by the Console.

Console gave some commentary:
[DLGImporter/WARNING]: Can't compile trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_3","global","law","global",1)
[unknown]: [streams]: Invalid seek position 5892193 in file DLGFiles.bif(limit: 3274108)
[unknown]: [streams]: Invalid seek position: 5467759(limit: 20068)
[GameScript/ERROR]: Invalid scripting trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_5","global","law","global",2)
[DLGImporter/WARNING]: Can't compile trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_5","global","law","global",2)
[GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4
[ResourceManager]: Found '1203cd11.bcs' in 'chitin.key'.
[GameScript/DEBUG]: CutSceneID was called by nameless!
[GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4
[GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4
[GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4
[GameControl]: KeyRelease:32 - 2
[KeyMap]: Looking up key: ( )

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it goes wrong before that - it didn't even run its function. Just need to improve the parser — perhaps another case of extraneus spaces (not visible in the output above, but in the dialog itself). We should never fail a compile without an excellent reason.


I'm stuck hunting down a memory issue, otherwise I'd look at this already.

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