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NPC_EE ... new class and kit options for BGEE and BG2EE NPCs

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1 hour ago, subtledoctor said:

I gather the current version of SCS NPC Customization is buggy for some players, so that’s worth considering. 

It's only buggy, if you join it with the others, as mixing and matching is never a good idea... when you include min1hp rings.

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I've updated the mod to version 4.0.  This includes a major revamp of the dialog used to change kits. 

First of all, now there is an option to simply not change anything, and get rid of the kit-change innate ability.

Second, the way proficiency changes are handled is much-improved.  With v3.x, you had to decide at install-time whether the kit-choice ability will zero out proficiencies every time it is used.  Now, you can decide to change an NPC's proficiency on a case-by-case basis, in-game, as part of the kit-choice dialogue.

(NB, you cannot change proficiencies if you don't change kits.  If you want to keep the same kit for an NPC but change up their proficiencies, you will need to answer "yes, change my kit" in the dialogue, and then simply choose the same kit you already have.)


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Guest Guest

Apologize if the question sound stupid, but I m wondering: does this mod make it possible to use two kits?

And if not, did ee make it possible to dual into a kit? 

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Should work with LeUI. I have tested it on my EET Install and I think some compatibility issues were fixed along the way. Not sure about Dragonspear UI, though. Nevered tried it since it's not compatible with EET yet. 

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I've updated the mod to version 4.1.

This makes substantial under-the-hood improvements, combining the old "single-class kit change" and "multiclass kit change" abilities into a unified function.  It also embraces the principle of immutability, shifting all of the temporary file processing (and there's a lot of it) from the mod folder to 'weidu_external.'  it also improves compatibility with the Faiths & Powers sphere system, properly removing all sphere spells when you decide to change kits and assigning the new set of sphere spells when you choose your new kit.  Finally, it also address a bug that crept into version 4.0 which could cause a crash upon resting if any party members are not at full health.  All fixed now.


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FYI I am seeing a weird thing in my game where some multiclass characters are not getting their kit abilities after choosing a multiclass kit via the NPC_EE dialogue. Like, in my game Imoen is a mage/thief; I use the kit-choice ability to make her a Jinxer from Might & Guile. But she doesn't get any of the abilities of the Jinxer kit, like bard songs or spontaneous casting.  I don't fully understand what is happening, but I found quite by accident that if you choose a kit and then have the NPC leave the party and immediately re-join, then they will get their kit abilities.  So if you have issues with this, try kicking them out and having them rejoin.  So for instance, when I used this ability to give Branwen the fighter/cleric of Tempus kit from Faiths & Powers, she did not get her spells.  But when she left the party and then rejoined, all of her spells and abilities appeared.

I assume this is a bad interaction with the newer versions of the QD_Multi multiclass kit system and ADD_KIT_EX.  The leave/rejoin script properly removes and then re-applies any kit abilities; but the AddKit script action used by NPC_EE does not.  If/when I can manage to figure out a way to make this work, I'll post it here.  In the meantime, if you run into this trouble, try the kick-out/rejoin workaround.

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Updated to version 4.3. This makes two improvements:

  1. Multiclass NPCs who use the kit-change ability can now choose from any kit that is valid for either of their base classes, or (if you have any installed) any appropriate true multiclass kit.
  2. The 'kit-change ability' is no longer a good name for it, since it enables you to change the NPC's proficiencies, and now also, by popular demand, allows you to change their ability scores! Go crazy.

This is also a compatibility update to keep everything on the same page among the various mods I've worked on. If you use/plan to use any of the following, I recommend you update them all together to the latest versions:

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23 minutes ago, subtledoctor said:

Yup, works with any NPCs, in any EE game. There’s only a bad interaction for multiclass priests between this and the Faiths & Powers sphere system, which I cannot for the life of me figure out. It’s driving me crazy. 

Apart from that, it should work great. 

That's fine, I kinda want to try Raduziel's DoF this time. Do you expect problems here, too?

Thanks for confirming it's working on IWDEE, though, that's great news!

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