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Two questions on this mod

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Well, very much as the title says - two questions I have about this mod, namely:


1. Do I understand correctly that the IWD-in-BG2 installation is not in the IWD folder, and not in BG2, but in a third locatioin, and


2. Approximately how much space could one expect it to take up on the disc?


Thanks. :)

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I wouldn't recommend such a thing, as it's not according to the instructions of the mods install help:

3. Ensure that you have a full (and preferably unmodded) install of IWD, including both Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster (the converter doesn't work without both)

You can always uninstall it if it's the G3 weidu mod...

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Not sure if I shouldn't start a new topic on this, but because it is closely enough related to the above, I will keep it in the same thread.

Long story short, trying to install IWD-in-BG2 as per the instructions here: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25597, I first got some error messages during installation (files not found, etc.), then, upon trying to start the game, got an Assertion Failed message about a missing resource, and was referred to a Baldur.log file; now, this file does exist in the directory, but appears to be completely blank.

I am unable to find any other installation log either, so, first - if there is one, where would it be; second, to be honest, I did try to install with the games very minimally modded - these logs are in their places and can be provided if necessary - so maybe this could have caused the problem; also, during installation there was a prompt for the paths to the two games typed "without terminal slashes" - I entered them as, say, C:\Users\Whoever\Games etc, without a slash at the end, but could I have misunderstood/mistyped what was asked for?

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be welcome, and if any further information is necessary, please let me know.

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No idea, then? In case it would be helpful, here is a copy of the message found in a file called TobEx.log, which is exactly what I get when I try to start the game:


-----TobEx: Throne of Bhaal Extender build (Sat 10 Dec 2016 06:53:07)
[sat 10 Dec 2016 06:53:31] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x98F677 File: ChDimm.cpp Line: 1246 Expression: FALSE Message: ChDimm.cpp CDimm::Demand(): CRes pointer invalid (Check Baldur.log for missing resource)
Baldur.log, as I already mentioned, is there, but apparently blank. Another installation log I don't see anywhere, provided there is supposed to be one. I am not even sure how to properly uninstall the mod, should it come to that... :undecided: - the readme doesn't go into much detail. :)
Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.
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First, thanks for the reply; second, there is a folder called TobEx_ini, containing a file called TobExCore.ini - I assume that should be the one in question? The Debug options, then, would be everything under the [Debug] header?


Also, how to check whether 3D animations are enabled, although I have run other games on the same computer (TES Oblivion, for example, and so on), and they don't seem to have problems with graphics rendering.


On a possibly related note, it occurs to me that the antivirus might have obstructed the installation - are files called k.bat, crc.exe and hds_control_remove.vbs related to this mod, for example, as I see them placed in the restricted programmes. If that is the case, perhaps the mod should be reinstalled with AV disabled - should I try something like this, or follow the previous post?



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As far as I can tell by looking at it, it is enabled, but just in case, here is the file (with very slightly edited paths):

[Program Options]
Debug Mode=1
Install Type=3
Font Name=
Double Byte Character Support=0
Drop Capitals=1
3D Acceleration=1
16Bit Textures=0
Display Frequency=60
Maximum Frame Rate=30
Path Search Nodes=32000
Translucent Shadows=1
Sprite Mirror=0
Gamma Correction=0
Brightness Correction=0
Backwards Compatible 3d=0
Volume Movie=100
Volume Music=80
Volume Voices=100
Volume Ambients=100
Volume SFX=100
Strref On=0
First Run=0
GLSetup Driver=0
Force 50 Percent Transparent=0
Disable Brighten=1
Display Subtitles=0
Full Screen=1
Disable Vertex Padding=0
Screen Position X=645
Screen Position Y=44
HD0:=C:\Users\...\My Games\Black Isle\Icewind Dale in BG2\
CD1:=C:\Users\...\My Games\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\data\
CD2:=C:\Users\...\My Games\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\data\
CD3:=C:\Users\...\My Games\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\data\
CD4:=C:\Users\...\My Games\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\data\
CD5:=C:\Users\...\My Games\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\data\
CD6:=C:\Users\...\My Games\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\data\
[Game Options]
Never Show Nuisance=1
Never Show Nuisance SOA=1
Memory Access=100
Memory Level=1
One Time Popup=0
Difficulty Level=3
Automated Speed Adjustment=1
Enhanced Path Finding=1
Critical Hit Screen Shake=1
Low End Machine=0
Low End Machine 2=0
Attack Sounds=1
Low Mem Sounds 1=0
Low Mem Sounds 2=0
Pausing Map=0
Extra Feedback=0
Duplicate Floating Text=1
Disable Casting Glows=0
Disable VEFVidCells=0
Mid Level Brighten=0
High Level Brighten=0
Tiles Precache Percent=50
All Learn Spell Info=1
Automated Translucent Shadows=50
Automated Very Low Performance=30
Automated Low Performance=60
Automated Disable Brightest=40
Automated Limit Transparency=40
Automated Disable Casting Glows=40
Automated Disable VEFVidCells=30
Automated Mid Level Brighten=60
Automated High Level Brighten=80
Automated Foot Steps=70
Automated Attack Sounds=50
Automated 3D Animations=80
Automated Disable VVC Sounds=60
Automated Faster Blur=60
Disable Statics During Combat=0
Disable Footsteps During Combat=0
Disable Placed Sounds During Combat=0
Disable VVC Sounds=0
Faster Blur=0
Use 3d Animations=1
Current Loading Hint=3
Mouse Scroll Speed=36
GUI Feedback Level=5
Locator Feedback Level=3
Bored Timeout=3000
Always Dither=1
Keyboard Scroll Speed=36
Command Sounds Frequency=2
Selection Sounds Frequency=3
Effect Text Level=62
Tutorial State=1
Auto Pause State=0
Auto Pause Center=1
Quick Item Mapping=1
Environmental Audio=1
Heal Party on Rest=0
Terrain Hugging=0
HP Over Head=0
Hotkeys On Tooltips=1
Area Effects Density=100
Filter Games=1
Country Code=
Uninst_dir=D:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{8DAE4336-2B71-11D4-9A6C-006067325E47}
Uninst_dir_25=D:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{B8C3B479-1716-11D5-968A-0050BA84F5F7}



Edit: Just for completeness - while, as said above, the installed mod had to take up 5 GB or more, the size of the one I have now is 2.6 GB, I suppose some part must be missing... :)

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Did you install the Widescreen mod to this directory: My Games\Black Isle\Icewind Dale in BG2\


Cause if you didn't, your BG2 game has it:

Screen Position X=645

Screen Position Y=44


...and it could be a reason some of the games install might throw errors.

Yep. Like said above, your games need to be clean installs... here's how you can do it without uninstall ... you COPY the ENTIRE BG2 folder somewhere else, and do not touch it, until* ... then you uninstall the game, and clean the install folder, while leaving the copy folder intact(it now then also contains the savegame -folder). Then you reinstall the game, then you can make the IWD-in-BG2 game, and then you can delete the BG2 folder, as you can then move the copyed backup * to it's place. Or you could of course make it a real backup by making a .rar archive from it so you will never need to install the game again.


You do not need to widescreen mod at these points, the game might look to be in a small window, that doesn't matter... as you'll fix it after by installing the Widescreen mod after the IWD-in-BG2 mod, to both folders.

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