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Two questions on this mod

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The trouble is, how to make the new install, if running the setup file from the disk results in it detecting the installed game, and asking if I want to remove it (but ending up not removing it), instead of beginning a new installation?

Insert CD1 in. Open the install CD's content, and run the setup.exe in there, this is how you do multiple installs or one when you have a faulty windows register... DO NOT ALLOW the autorun.inf take control and show you shit(the screen below). It's irrelevant.

Aka if this pops up so that it has the game installed(it's not in my computer):


Push the EXIT, and open up the CD1 directory with the right click and Open, NOT LEFT !

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All right, so with me there is a slight difference with how things go - first, I am installing from a DVD, not a CD, should it make a difference - one for SoA, a second for ToB. Second, when I insert the (SoA) disk, I do not get a screen like above, but an AutoPlay "mini-window" with two options - "Run Baldur.exe" and "Open folder to view files". (If I "Run Baldur.exe" I get the menu in the screenshot, but instead of "Install" it has a "Play" option, the game evidently being seen as "installed already"). Now, what I normally do is "Open folder to view files" (with a left click), and then from the directory that opens, run a setup.exe file - which, at the moment, results in what was described in the previous post. What exactly to right-click on, then, to open the directory, and why should it make a difference?

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So you were doing it correctly.

Well, at this point, the only advice for you that I have is to either install the game to another computer and copy it from there to have a clean install.... or clean up your Windows Register with Regedit somehow from the BG -entries..

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Well, at this point, the only advice for you that I have is to ... or clean up your Windows Register with Regedit somehow from the BG -entries..


It is the "somehow" part that I find a trifle upsetting... :)


A regedit search for the folder path should turn up the registry keys you need to delete.


Could you possibly give somewhat more precise instructions how to do the search?


(By the way, since the game is installed and the message is that the key is not found, is deleting going to help? On the other hand, it maybe gives a starting point...)

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Indeed, even with the folder deleted manually (or rather, all content inside the folder), the setup still tries to "uninstall" rather than "install" the game when run; searching the registry for the folder path gives three keys/values, apparently each one for one of the mods I had installed (e. g., ...path...\BGII - SoA\setup-bg2_tweaks.exe), it doesn't seem to find other keys (using the 'Find next' option from the Edit menu).

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there are 3 values (with Name, Type and Data): (Default) - REG_SZ - (value not set), ID - REG_DWORD - some numerical value, Name - REG_SZ - BGMain.exe;


I am not sure I make a whole lot of it.


At the location above, there are indeed both BGMain.exe and BG2Main.exe, the first has the path to the Baldur's Gate (1) folder, but the second just has C:\windows\BG2Main.Exe (the search didn't detect them, I think).


Also, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BioWare Corp\Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn there is a (Default) - (value not set) entry, and likewise in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BioWare Corp.\Baldur's Gate2.


I think that's all I see for now.

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