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iwd2 levelup is here


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In the last few hyperactive weeks I've implemented all but one hardcoded clab* and of course the whole gui and logic for leveling up. Mixing and weird spellcasting combinations should all work too. :party:

It's a much cleaner system than in the rest of the games. From an implementation point of view too, since there are no dualclassing exceptions ... but of course that didn't stop the authors to add other hardcoded ugliness.


What this means is that iwd2 should be almost normally playable up to chapter 3. Or more, I don't know if anyone played beyond the Ice temple (Iselore is a gimp though). Besides level-up, not much changed gameplay-wise. There are sitll some action bugs due to poorly understood/unexplored engine differences, but the last time I played, they weren't that problematic (eg. Jorun is a coward, enemy spellcasters can fumble). If you're unlucky, you can get a corrupt action bar after character generation (retry). Don't play a (new) bard.


Unintelligible disclaimers:



* it's not that special, but there are some other things that have priority

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If you mean a version of BG2 based upon the Third Edition rules, Nameless One tried that with Icewind Gate. Due to the differences in the Actions available to programmers in each game, the Icewind Gate was playable but did require a lot of patching. See my topics on this matter.

Actions available are listed in the Action.ids file.


The best hope is GemRB where the IWD2 game can use any of the Actions from either of BG1 or BG2.

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all these x-in-y conversions are mostly data mods. Lost of work, but only the final parts would be gemrb specific, where — as Ishad said — you'd start mixing features from all engines. Still, mostly normal modding with practically no need to change gemrb itself.

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I was playing iwd2 while procrastinating over that annoying pst store problem. Fixed several other bugs on the way though, so it wasn't completely bad. Finished chapter 1 today and things are even smoother than the last time. :)



- we're not handling party CR properly, so my solo paladin/sorcerer is around level 16; trivial to fix, since it's from averaging levels, but it's useful for easier testing, especially of spells.

- spellcaster AI can still easily get broken, which is most noticeable with Malarite High Priests


not-our-problem: some ai scripts make the enemy move to the nearest pc if they DON'T see him (eg. 00t10m). Sucks for stealth bombs.

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