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[NEW QUEST MOD] Beta testers wanted!


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I got a small quest mod for Chapter 9, ToB. Basically, Nalia approaches you (IF she is in the party) and tells you that her castle's under attack. Again. She gives you a teleportation stone, you go to the castle, well, you know the drill.

I need at least two people to go through the quest without CTRL-Q and CTRL-R (but feel free to use the console to go to Chapter 9 or AR5500 - Amkethran) and check that everything works and the dialogue is okay.

The quest is not very long - about the same as Nalia's original quest, I guess? Maybe a tad shorter. There are four subquests, but they're "find this person, find this item".

PM me if you're interested. Or post here! I just need to know where/how to send you the mod link.



Oh, yes, and it brings closure to Alianna's story (that's your character's mother) and Gorion's story - in case you're interested in that.

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Great! I'll run some tests this evening and PM you the link. Thank you so much for being the first person to volunteer!


That said, time is of the essence with the Western Christmas coming and all, so if anyone's game for it, yay, I'd be delighted. If not, well, folks, you'll have to do with my testing, and while it's relatively thorough, there might be surprises.

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Excellent, I will have a look at it now...


If you are starting ToB with a wholly new party, that Bag of Holding is a colossal fleece! All of the really good items are missing. I figure that a new ToB party is less powerful than a party leaving the Underdark in Shadows of Amn.
Now I will have to spend time getting my party up to speed.

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I was able to take a save game from the original BG2 and extract a list of the items the party had. Save was only made at the end of the Underdark, it was not final save game. Even so, it was a massive improvement over the generic +# items found in that Bag of Holding.
I ran the list of items through a text editor and a spreadsheet, the end result was a list of GiveItemCreate() actions that were pasted into the AR0702, Adventurers Mart, area script. When I entered the Mart the script gave the players all the needed items.
Now Nalia gave us the warning and we went to the Keep alright.

We have a Dungeon Be Gone mod for Irenicus' Dungeon , we really need a Shadows Be Gone mod for SoA.


Marilith was tough, had to rerun the fight a few times.
TTPOT.itm, Potions of Extra Healing that have String Ref 30674, "Why would the Shadow Thieves be interested in attacking a wizard?", as a name? Then they have ref 30675 as an identified description, "I see. Well, I'll be going, then.",

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--change-log showed nothing...

If the mod adds the item by for example copying it from another item, the --change-log of that particular .itm file won't have anything in it, as it wasn't changed by anything before it was added. Yeah, it's the first entry(aka the mod that introduces the file to the game) is not logged.
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