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Feature requests?


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OK, so here's a list of things that I think could use improvement. When you have time, please check them to see if you find anything interesting.


1) Allow maximize, for all windows. It's not 2006 anymore, display resolutions have increased. The particular issue I have with this is spells with many effects, which results in a scroll bar. Seeing all info at once is much more effective. Dialogs edit window also wastes much of the sceen space.

The UI will probably look less pretty in maximized view, but I'd take effectiveness over prettiness any time. At least having an option would be good.


2) Read-only "changes have been made" warnings. So many times in read-only mode I just browsed a spell or an item, and when I clicked exit, it said that some changes were made (they weren't), and asked me if I want to quit without save. Since I cannot save anyway, this warning is moot. It really gets on the nerves, though.

Maybe a better solution would be a warning somewhere in the top right corner saying "read only". Or, better yet, disabling all controls allowing to do input, when in read-only. That's much more intuitive.


3) Related to the above, maybe "read-only" toggle shouldn't be hidden, but put on the main window, in the clear. Or maybe even on every window, allowing to switch back and forth easily.


4) Again related to the above, I don't quite understand why "save spell as" always denies in read-only mode. Sure, I don't want to make changes to that particular spell, but if I want to save it under a different name or in a different location - why not? Any office software works like that - if you open a doc read only, then you can't "save", but you can "save as" a copy.

Having an ability to extract a file from the game without switching to rw mode would be desired.


5) This is a common free software pain, but at least minimal documentation would be great. Edit, search and check functions are self-explaining. But most menu items in Tools, Conversions, even Bif are pretty cryptic. What do they do, what's the possible use?


6) Speaking of which, DLTCEP often turns unresponsive on large tasks such as "check > creature". Stop button doesn't work. Some tasks (scan variables, etc) don't even have a stop button.


7) Multiple reload buttons. I'm not sure what are they good for, but how about "Reload all"?


8) Setup. For some reason every time I go into Setup, "Game Type" is empty.

It would also be handy to be able to change current setup from the main window. Like a dropdown next to Setup button, maybe.


9) I was pretty delighted to discover "export TP2" function. I thought it'd allow to convert any binary file into TP2 code. But it turned out, at least for spells and the like, it only exports strings. Basically, two SAYs, which isn't very useful.

Still, with modern Weidu macro (ADD_SPELL_EFFECT, etc) a complete TP2 export is pretty much a technical task, and probably not overwhelming.

My specific use case for this is working on older mods, where everything is binary. Initial export to TP2 would greatly simplify matters.

Probably a long shot, but I thought I'd throw it in just in case.

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10) And it looks like EE engine 2.0 is not supported. Can't find dialogue.tlk, I guess.


It doesn't find the zipped tlk, but it finds the tlk in the lang dir. I wish, that zip would be unzipped as part of the game installation.

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It doesn't find the zipped tlk, but it finds the tlk in the lang dir. I wish, that zip would be unzipped as part of the game installation.

I'm not sure what do you mean, but on my system it's not zipped, it's in the lang dir, and DLTCEP always says "no dialog.tlk found"

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