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Future of SCS?

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This has probably been answered already in some other forum but what are the future plans for SCS? I understand now that the LOB difficulty setting has been added to the games but I doubt it comes close to the sophistication of SCS scripts and changes. I know there are hotfixes at this point to install SCS on v2.0 but are there any plans to update for full compatibility and SOD implementation?

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Ohhh yeah, I think SCS + LOB + Magic School Resistance will be a hard :mad: . Because SCS + Insane ---> 4x Yuan-Ti an evil magicians under the bucket of protective magic (Such as Protection From Magical Weapon, Physical Mirrors, Fireshields, Improved Invisibilities, Globes .., and so on.. ) ----> 2x Chaos, 1x Greater Malison, 1x Mordecai's Sword and lot of Minute Meteor +5 damage (a very often they trying to focus their damage...) under the 13th lvl party's poor heads... by just a per one round and this is without their sequencers and contingencies :D. Not a bad scripting , huh?.



And I have really doubts, that guys from Beamdog will make a such scripts... I think they just a will improve HP/M.Res/Damage of a monsters...

In my opinion , BG without SCS is sux hard! (and probably I even did not want to enjoy of playing in that game without such mod)... :( But I am did not enjoying it without SCS, so maybe I am wrong about it.



Anyway I hell do not want to SCS dies at least before I will continue my palying in the BG2:EE and my manual :D. So DawidW come back and make your magic!!! Joking of course, the real life must be more important, anyway.

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