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An easy way for noobs to add your spell into BG2:EE is exist?


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I playing in bg2 with my lawful-good Diviner, which is a black-skinned half-elf male, protagonist. Named Ki`Izikiel The Badlucky One :D .

And I want to make his own an easy spell (something like a "Ki's Lightning Bolt") that will be 1st or 2nd or 3rd level.

How to easily perform this action with the NearInfinity program???

Is there any chance to make some 'handmade' animation??


Thanx for the answers.

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Is there any chance to make some 'handmade' animation??

This is easy in Near Infinity ... if you have the materials you to make the animation from. See all you need to do is to take 30-180 pictures(.jpg, .png's what ever as long as it's smaller than 255x255 pixels) that compose the animation, and then just set them in order with Near Infinity. And then use the resulting .bam file as the animation.


An easy example is the lightning bolt, you can take existing animation, that you'll find by first finding the spell(spwi308.spl), then the projectile it uses(lightb.pro), which will reveal the actual projectile animation(splightb.bam), export it as .png files, edit those(recolor each) with MSPaint and then re-import the whole lot as another .bam file, and then use that to make a new as the spells animations projectile, and then new spell. All with Near Infinity. Fortunately for you the EE games accept new projectiles. Your best start point is to always copy the existing resources an use those as the base.


Now if you need more help, give the particulars and we'll see what comes out of it.

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That is cool. Okey-dokey.

I remembered how painful the battles against Icharid The Undead Knight, Aec'Letec and the Chessboard Battle was in bg1. So I want to make something like a "Melf's Acid Arrow" but against the undead creatures. Like a little damage, but when the target is undead - little chance for fire damage over time, or something. And the name will be "Ki's Eternal Bolt" or something.

Animation will be like a fire-arrow, but with a black core and the white borders (I will simply change the color scheme of animation :p ). I think the school of this spell will be "Deviation" or "Evocation"


Of course this spell is useless for my party now, while they make their way through the Underdark (I have little bit stucked with a frigging Balor :(, this dude is not so bad... but weaker then Aec'Letec was, because without super-annoying 'Death Gaze', anyway the creature have the chance per hit to kill anyone instantly...), but perhaps it will be useful against some low-level skeletons .


But I need to put in the spell in the game somehow, maybe through aa some store, and buy and learn.. After I will made it of course :p .

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