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Some Revision mods stuff


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I've noticed some of the items have their names changed, which results in Item Revisions not modifying them. Namely, you've got:

staf08 - changed into staf08_.itm

plat06 - plat06_.itm

sw1h09 - sw1h09_.itm


Is there a reason to do this? It's farily easy on IR side to fix this, however there may be more occurences.


One more, altough this isn't modified by IR:


ring08.itm - ring08_.itm (this has a side effect of giving you extra 6,500 gold btw).

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Quote from the Modder's Notes:

EET keeps the original BG:EE resource name as strictly as possible. If it doesn't conflict with BG2:EE content than the name of imported file is not changed. For conflicting resources BG1 ones have suffix with the underscore (_) added to make them unique.


ring08.itm - ring08_.itm (this has a side effect of giving you extra 6,500 gold btw).

these are completly different items.

In BG1 you will find ring08_.itm:

Ring of Wizardry: Evermemory
Long ago, a grand wizard from Amn was rumored to have defied Mystra's limitations on the magical arts. Legends spoke of this wizard being able to cast spells without the limitation of memorization. In the end it was found that his powers stemmed from the several magical rings that he had made for himself. His proclaimed "everlasting memory" was a hoax, though his rings continue to be one of the most sought after items in the realms.


Equipped abilities:
– Can memorize double the amount of 1st-level wizard spells

Weight: 0

and in BG2:

Ring of Wizardry: Reaching Ring
This ring is masterfully enchanted, allowing the wearer to memorize more spells than normally possible. It was originally commissioned by spellcaster <CHARNAME>, apparently at great monetary and personal cost.


Equipped abilities:
– Can memorize one extra 5th-level spell, one extra 6th-level spell, and one extra 7th-level spell

Weight: 0


staf08_.itm, plat06_.itm, sw1h09_.itm have unique lore in BG1, so they are treated as different items in unmodded EET (IR changes it though if I remember correctly)


Here is a list of renamed items:

    "HELM15"    =>    "HELM15_"
    "LEAT07"    =>    "LEAT07_"
    "MISC56"    =>    "MISC56_"
    "MISC79"    =>    "MISC79_"
    "MISC89"    =>    "MISC89_"
    "PLAT06"    =>    "PLAT06_"
    "RING08"    =>    "RING08_"
    "STAF04"    =>    "STAF04_"
    "STAF08"    =>    "STAF08_"
    "SW1H09"    =>    "SW1H09_"
    "SW2H07"    =>    "SW2H07_"
    "SW2H08"    =>    "SW2H08_"
    "WAND12"    =>    "WAND12_"

also keep in mind that in BG:EE content "A" versions of normal shields are used (different art). These resources already exists in vanilla BG2:EE, so no need for "_" suffix.

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