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Possible to port EE kits to BGT / TuTu?


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For the most part, the EE kits are supposed to showcase functionality that's in the Enhanced Edition engine and not in the vanilla game. So they aren't (readily) convertible. (I haven't looked exhaustively at all of them; that's just a general feature.)

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Right. The Shadowdancer wouldn't work because it has abilities that could not work in the old engine. The Blackguard wouldn't work because paladins' alignment and falling rules are hard-coded in the old engine. The Shaman could never be backported.


Some of the EE kits could work - the monk kits and cleric kits, for instance. Once a few years ago I played a Sun Soul monk in BGT.


But that's still not cool. It's copyrighted work. You can often find the EEs on sale for like 3 bucks these days, why not pay that small price to support the people keeping them alive and adding these kits? (It's perfectly reasonable for some people to dislike Beamdog's content and the EEs in general... but if you actually want the content, then it seems fair to engage in an economic transaction to get it.)

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